• What’s Up with the NY Jets? Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week # 5

    Surge Summary: As the New York Jets continue their weekly, ignominious collapse the rest of the NFL will also be busy this week. To that end, below: Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week # 5.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    Do you have a flag football team or even a pick-up touch football bunch of guys you play with?  You ought to challenge the NY Jets to a game, because that’s what Denver did last week and trounced them in their own sandlot.  This appears to be some kind of generational curse the Jets have, transcending the temporal into the mystical.  Perhaps the illegal player-tampering by Woody Johnson has cast a pall over Gang Green.  Who knows?  But the stench of rotten football in Jets Nation is worse than the Islip garbage scow on an August afternoon.  With the Titans/Steelers Covid scratch, I went 11-4 last week, for 41-22 this season.  The Who song ‘The Kids Are Alright’ keeps running through my head as I watch this year’s first round draft picks Burrow, Herbert and Jeudy make positive impacts on their teams.  It’s encouraging to see.  Here’s the picks.

    Buccaneers at Bears – Brady looked more himself last week, adding another come-from-behind win to his career stats.  DaBears were exposed as worse than their record, falling to Indy.  I like Brady’s weapons over Foles’, as the Bucs beat Chicago…Bearly.

    Rams at WFT – The Rams seem rejuvenated, focused, and seasoned.  In typical Snyderesque fashion, Washington starts Kyle Allen this week, with Haskins demoted to 3rd QB.  Can it be long before we see what’s left of Alex Smith taking snaps for the Whatnots?   Rams Capitolize on DC disarray.

    Bills at Titans – Don’t know if this game will get played, with Tennessee’s rule-bending resulting in Covid cases again.  But if it does, this will be a good test of Buffalo’s mettle.  Allen has been a howitzer firing the rock, and although the Bills’ run game has been lackluster, the Titans are dead last in run defense.  I think McDermott’s bruisers can limit Henry’s gallops, and at some point Vrabel’s heavy reliance on DeWreck will become unsustainable.  Like McGarrett, the Bills will be 5-0.

    Eagles at Steelers – Philly found a way to grab a road win in SF last week, with a ferocious pass rush.  This week they will find the endzone locked by The Steel Hurtin’, as the Battle of Pennsylvania unfolds in Pittsburgh.  Blitzburgh reigns as the league’s stingiest run D, and they do love to get after that skinny guy trying to throw the football as well.  Wentz should pile up significant ground yardage…in reverse.  A week off helps Pittsburgh knock the weak off.  Steelers devour the Cheese Steaks.

    Cardinals at Jets – Clearly Adam Gace has pictures of the entire Johnson family (aptly named) in compromising positions, because he is the deadest of yet-to-be-fired head coaches in the league.  Kingsbury’s Cardinals should slap this poor team silly.  Jets crash due to Bird strikes.

    Raiders at Chiefs – KC looked very ordinary last week, as the Patriots defeated themselves with sloppy play and missed opportunities in the absence of Cam Newton.  Nobody expected this game to be winnable for NE, but it was there for the taking.  New England is NOT the equal of Andy Reid’s ringbearers, who had an off night and still won by 16.  Vegas will also make a good case for themselves, but KC’s defense is better than you think, and still improving.  Champs put the clamps on Vegas.

    Jaguars at Texans – Trench warfare is the word here.  With O’Brien gone, this team has something to prove, and falling to 0-5 at the hands of the Sags isn’t it.  This game will be decided by the fat guys, and Houston’s need to regain some self-respect by protecting their valuable but battered QB.  Texans round up Minshew’s Minions.

    Bengals at Ravens – Cincy has much to be cheered about, as Burrow appears to be The Guy.  His poise, composure and accuracy are all harbingers of a bright future.  However, Harbaugh’s Harbingers are already THAT excellent team, looking to reach the thin air of the AFC peak.  Their ground pound plays to one of the Bengals’ weaknesses, and that will open up other opportunities for Action Jackson.  The Bengals know who they are, and this game will be a lesson in excellence for them to learn from.  Valuable to both teams, but the Ravens fly away with the win.

    Panthers at Falcons – It was fun watching Teddy Bridgewater out-Kyler Murray on foot last week.  The Panthers have shown resilience this difficult season, which is a key quality for any team.  The Falcons defense has been plucked clean by injuries, with a decimated secondary.  This puts tremendous pressure on Ryan’s offense to outscore the other team just to have a chance to win, a burden they have been unable to bear so far this winless season.  The game should be tight, but true to nature, the Cats will eat the Birds.

    Dolphins at Niners – Miami needs to improve on defense if they want to make some noise.  Fitzmagic provides the offensive thrills by being their leading rusher as well as passer.  The nicked-up Niners are still much deeper than Miami, and their pass defense is near the top of the league.  If they get Jimmy ‘Hospital Bed’ Garoppolo back this week, this one won’t be close.  Phins get skinned at Fisherman’s Wharf.

    Giants at Cowboys – Here’s Dallas’ easy win.  Just take it and be quiet, Jerry.  In this joke division, someone will back into the playoffs.  As the saying goes, ‘In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’.

    Colts at Browns – This might be the best game of the week, as the 3-1 Airtight Colts face a 3-1 Browns team that is beginning to find itself.  The loss of Chubb looms large for Cleveland, whose turf game has been heating up.  Mayfield has been a better game manager, but the Colts’ lockdown secondary will test his patience and his diminished run game.  In a close one, the Horseshoes come up lucky.

    Broncos at Patriots – This was a much easier pick before the Patriots’ best defensive player followed the team’s best offensive player onto the Covid no-play list.  With Newton and Gilmore sidelined by this insidious malaise, the wounded Broncos may not be at such a disadvantage as before.  Brian Hoyer demonstrated that he can do NONE of the things NE brought him back to do this season, effectively ending his career.  Jarrett Stidham fared little better, but we’re all about the future until Cam returns.  The Broncs are spirited and feisty, but if NE relies on their ground game they will probably eke out the home win.  Pats stay aboard bucking Broncs…just long enough.

    Vikings at Seahawks – Two teams that match up well.  Vikes pass attack will face Seattle’s yard-generous secondary, while Wilson’s arm and Carson’s legs will threaten to carve up the Purples’ mediocre defense.  If Cooks is still dinged up from last week, Minnesota may find it hard to control the clock…which plays into Wilson’s hands.  Carroll barrels to 5-0.

    Chargers at Saints – The Bolts have had flashes of quality this year, but they are facing a Saints team that has the tools to exploit their weaknesses – badly.  Alvin ‘Camaro’ should find lanes to get into the Charger secondary and carve them for some serious yards.  Same goes for Drew Brees’ receivers.  Justin Herbert will be interesting to watch as he navigates against a premier team like this one.  I don’t see the Chargers generating enough voltage to beat Whodat nation.  Bolts short out in N’awlins.

    Stay safe, and enjoy the games!


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    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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