• Big! Repub Conservative Wins Utah Seat, GOP Congressional Trend Continues

    Surge Summary: In a tumultuous election season, Republicans get another win in Congress: Burgess Owens is awarded a win for the contested seat in Utah, continuing to increase his party’s representation in the House of Representatives. The long term implications of his W could be weighty.

     by Peter Heck 

    As the controversy over who actually won this season’s presidential bid drags on, more good news arrived for Republicans on the congressional front:

    “Former NFL player and Utah Republican Burgess Owens officially defeated incumbent Democratic Representative Ben McAdams for Utah’s 4th congressional seat on Monday,” writes Disrn’s Peter Heck. “The win means that the GOP controls every seat in the state’s congressional delegation.”

    Owens, an is also an author and outspoken, African-American conservative, who champions strong families. He’s a semi-regular guest on the Glenn Beck Show where he speaks up about the importance of intact families and strong fathers in the home.

    Owens’s win marks the 12th formerly Democratic seat that Republicans have flipped in the 2020 election, despite numerous projections that Democrats would expand their majority. Not only was the victory significant for that reason, but according to David Wasserman of Cook Political Report, there will likely be long-term implications to the loss.

    “It’s a heartbreaking loss for Democrats, considering the margin,” Wasserman said. “It’s possible Republicans could take this seat off the table for 2022 if they’re able to muscle through a map that protects Owens in the 2021 redistricting process.”

    Cook Political Reports had designated 27 House races as “Toss Ups.” With five remaining too close to call, Democrats are yet to win any. Additionally … Keep Reading the Rest of this article here.

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    Parts of this article originally appeared at Disrn.

    Image: Screen Shot: PBS News Hour; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzSpjV8AWF0

    Peter Heck is a teacher, preacher, speaker, author, and servant of Jesus living in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and three children.

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