• BLM Marinating America’s Kids in Marxism, LGBTQ Propoganda

    Surge Summary: Black Lives Matter is in schools across America: It starts by teaching young children its Marxist-based ideology. These are well-crafted propaganda lessons (including LGBT) designed for various age groups. And it is Starting in elementary school!

    by MassResistance

    Second in our series on the Black Lives Matter agenda now showing up in schools across the country.

    When parents happen to watch their children’s Zoom classes and notice an offensive Black Lives Matter assignment or diatribe by the teacher during an academic class, they might assume it’s an isolated situation.

    But in fact, the vast national and local Black Lives Matter (BLM) curriculum materials are very sophisticated and extremely well-planned. Their aim is to transform every child’s mind starting as young as possible. The BLM founders admit to being trained Marxists and LGBT activists – and the BLM ideology now flooding the nation’s schools fully reflects that.

    Learning BLM’s “13 guiding principles”

    Normal parents would want their young children told the truth that all people of all races have the same common humanity. They would not want them given the racist poison that one race is more “special” or “deserving” or “better” than the others. But there’s more to BLM than just that.

    The starting point of the BLM curriculum is infusing children with their “13 Guiding Principles.” They are basically Marxist philosophy. These principles are drilled into the kids’ minds quite thoroughly.

    The BLM 13 principles (based in Marxism) include.

    • Restorative Justice: This isn’t real justice. It includes reparations, etc., that white people must pay blacks (or perform other actions) because of alleged or real injustice by other people against other victims (i.e., police violence, slavery).
    • Empathy: This isn’t normal empathy. It’s contrived empathy for people BLM declares are victims of social or cultural injustice.
    • Loving engagement: For kids, this means telling their parents or friends that their old-fashioned values are wrong, or that their “privilege” makes them racist. Engagement for adults includes the “peaceful” protests (that often lead to violence), confronting people in restaurants, and even de-platforming others on social media.
    • Diversity: This is the Marxist philosophy of dividing people into opposing groups instead of ignoring racial and ethnic differences and concentrating on their common humanity.
    • Globalism: This is the idea that America (or any nation) is not special and exceptional, but we should have a global (socialist) government, and without borders.
    • Transgender affirming: This pushes the scientific quackery that so-called “transgenderism” is normal and not a mental illness. It’s also a way of introducing young children to “gender” ideology.
    • Queer affirming: Similar to Transgender affirming; includes gay/lesbian/bisexual behavior.
    • Intergenerational: This says that society should be “free of ageism.” But in fact, it tells children that they are qualified to instruct their parents and grandparents on “correct” ideas and behavior.
    • Collective value: This is used to justify not judging destructive ideas and behavior. It says that all ideas and behaviors have the same value – for example: sexual behaviors, immoral behavior, atheism, being an illegal immigrant, etc.
    • Black families …
    • Black villages …
    • Black women …
    • Unapologetically black: These four are all blatant racism, dressed up in various ways to sound noble. The “Black families” principle also includes the Marxist idea that the traditional family structure must be “dismantled” – as they put it.

    Presented in “feel-good” language tailored by age group

    Like all good Marxists, they dress all this up in “feel-good” sounding language on the surface. But that is just the starting point. Underneath the surface these “principles” are heavily refined and used consistently and to push the clear Marxist agenda that they were intended for.

    These BLM Marxist principles are also presented differently depending on the age groups.

    Here is the list devised for teachers and other adults:

    Here is the list presented for Elementary School children:

    Here is the list presented for Middle School and High School children:

    Moving the indoctrination forward

    Once we start to look a little further in the curriculum materials, we can see where this is headed. The purpose is clearly to indoctrinate children in a larger, sinister Marxist ideology.

    Black Lives Matter provides teachers a list of definitions of terms “to support your explanation of the 13 BLM principles.”  These terms include: privilege, white supremacy, heterosexism, gender, cisgender, patriarchy, dismantle, and others. That’s what the “principles” are actually all about.

    These are the terms being used to “refine” the principles in the minds of children. The purpose is clearly to create a generation of very radicalized, confused, and angry young people.

    What can people do to stop this?

    We are committed to helping people confront this across the country. But we can’t do it alone.

    The first thing people need to do is become educated about what is actually happening. That is the purpose of this series of reports.

    Beyond that, people need to find out what is taking place in their local schools. (Most people, particularly parents, are shockingly unaware of any of this – which is what the schools want!) And then they need to have the courage to confront it and force the local officials to stop it. MassResistance is on the ground, has decades of experience, and can help with all of that. We’ve shown over and over that a small number of dedicated and educated citizens can move mountains!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted here.

    Image: Screen shot: https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen4/20d/BLM-Marxist-school-lessons/index.html


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