• ‘Fair and Balanced’ No More? What’s Up with Fox News Lately?

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    Surge Summary: For years, Fox News has had the reputation of being a dependable mediator of the news – even offering the conservative viewpoint a fair hearing. That conclusion is being called into doubt by many lately.

    by Gary Bauer

    Fox News rose to the top of the cable news industry by promising to be “fair and balanced.”  Conservatives and moderates flocked to the one network that wasn’t part of the left-wing echo chamber.  But I’m not so sure if Fox is “fair and balanced” anymore.

    The best thing on Fox are shows like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.  I like Fox & Friends most of the time.  But much of their regular news is quickly becoming an echo chamber of the liberal news.

    It’s not funny to hear Fox News hosts mocking polls from CNN, the Washington Post and other outlets, while failing to mention that their own polls were just as bad!

    Throughout the entire campaign, conservatives were routinely demoralized by Fox News polls, and Fox hosts routinely pressed Trump campaign aides and Republican officials to justify their positions in view of Fox’s bogus polls.

    For whatever reason, Fox News eagerly called Arizona for Biden much more quickly than they were willing to call Florida for Trump.  Talk about a gut punch to the conservative base!  And they have dug in their heels even as Biden’s lead is eroding.

    Even now CNN does not have Arizona in Biden’s column.  And Nate Silver, the left’s favorite numbers cruncher, said, “I sure as heck don’t think [Arizona] should have been called by anyone, and I think the calls that were previously made should be retracted now.”

    Fox’s camouflage is slowly slipping away.

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    Image: Adapted from: Rae Whitlock from Columbus, OH, USA – Fox News stand, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3035331

    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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