• UK Gives Us a Hint: Coronavirus America Under BidenCare

    Surge Summary: If anyone wonders what America could potentially be like operating under a healthcare system like Joe Biden’s “BidenCare”, he need no farther than the United Kingdom system, where they are trying to handle the COVID-19 outbreak. It ain’t an encouraging picture. 

    by Bryan Fischer

    It’s too soon to know for sure the outcome of the current election, but there is obviously a chance that Joe Biden, with the help of Democrat operatives and Big Tech, is going to cheat his way to victory.

    What will America’s health care look like under a President Biden? While President Trump believes in freedom, a President Biden will believe in control, control of virtually every fact of American life by the central government. While he has disavowed Medicare-For-All, Americans who are woke to the left are not fooled. Anyone who believes, as he does, that healthcare is a right rather than a privilege must believe ultimately in government control of medicine.

    Where will that take us? Biden’s choice to head up the coronavirus response has already said America must lockdown for four-to-six weeks as soon as Biden takes office. This despite the simple fact that neither lockdowns nor mask mandates have ever worked anywhere they’ve been tried. Even the CDC in its October 2020 journal admitted that masks cannot protect us from the coronavirus. That’s so contrary to what passes for conventional wisdom that the CDC is already trying to walk it back.

    England is in the midst of a Joe Biden-esque lockdown, and here in the U.S. the CDC wants families to celebrate Thanksgiving outside (it’s currently 41 degrees where I live) with no more than 10 family members. As president, you can count on a President Biden making a concerted effort to impose such a crackdown nationwide.

    England gives us peek at centralized medicine, which Biden supports whether he will admit it or not. Here is what’s happened in England as they have resorted to lockdowns in a futile, doomed-to-fail attempt to stop the pandemic. The number of patients who now have been waiting more than one year to start non-coronavirus treatments is a staggering 139,545, the highest that number has been since 2008, and up from 1,305 a year ago.

    The impact is across the board. The number of people admitted to hospitals for routine treatment has plummeted more than 27 percent since September, 2019. And it gets worse from there, according to Breitbart:

    • The Royal College of Psychiatrists reports that the number of people feeling suicidal has tripled under lockdown.
    • The London Ambulance Service revealed in late October that callouts for suicides and attempted suicides have nearly doubled.
    • The Health Services Journal revealed last week that stillbirths had nearly doubled in England between April and June. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggested that the rise could have been as a result of women in later stages of pregnancy putting off going to the hospital over fear of catching the Chinese virus or of overburdening the health service.
    • Admissions have fallen for prostate cancer (by 64 per cent), bowel cancer (by 39 per cent), cervical cancer (by 32 per cent), and breast cancer (by 30 per cent). There’s also a huge fall in hospital attendance for heart attacks (down 27 per cent), cardiac failure (down 38 per cent), and lung cancer (down 43 per cent).
    • Other reports revealed that some 50,000 children’s surgeries had been cancelled, and the number of people dying while waiting on the organ transplant list has nearly doubled.
    • Parents of sick newborn babies are being barred from seeing their children in hospitals run by Britain’s socialized healthcare system, due to the draconian coronavirus restrictions in place in the UK…14 per cent of parents with sick babies have been prevented from staying with their ailing child as a result of social distancing measures put in place by hospitals.

    Reform UK party leader Nigel Farage warned: “When you add up the total health cost of stopping surgery, stopping diagnosis, clearing out the National Health Service in case a huge wave of [coronavirus] infections come, you see that the cure is indeed worse than the disease itself.”

    There may be a lot we don’t know about coronavirus, but the one thing we know is that if Joe Biden adopts the heavy-handed approach that the UK has taken, Americans will die.

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