• 2020 into 2021: America Faces a Huge Fork in the Road …

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    Surge Summary: 2020 has been a tough year. Islam continues to aim to control the world. Democrats appear to have stolen a presidential election. The U.S. military seems ill-prepared for potential threats. The nation is reaching a fork in the road – what will its people do?

    by Larry Usoff

    Airing it out.

    With the close of the year…and it was an awful year, some things need to be said by me.  People have told me that my harboring derogatory thoughts about things, AND people, is not good for my digestion.  Never had any problems with that, so with that out of the way, let’s get right to it.

    First and foremost, there is Islam.  My mantra: “There is NOTHING worthwhile in Islam and I wouldn’t trust ANY Muslim as far as I could throw a Buick.”  For fourteen hundred years they have followed “the plan” as laid out by a pedophile warlord.  Islam requires that the world be under its domination in order for there to be “peace”.  In order to accomplish that they will, have, and do, resort to murder and heinous manner of torture to convert everyone that is not a Muslim.  Once you’re tricked or tortured into saying the sentence that says you accept Allah, you can never leave the faith under penalty of death.  I don’t think any “peace” plan with the Taliban or another branch of the Islamic terrorists is going to work because they do not keep their word…unless that word is to keep killing infidels.  By whatever name, in whatever part of the world, Islam is like a cancer, and cancer has to either be killed or it kills the host.

    Muslims that are true believers, will kill members of their own families for the most ridiculous of reasons.  If the daughter dresses “western” or uses makeup, or is chummy with an infidel the family may feel dishonored and they will kill her.  Homosexuals are taboo in that cult…and it IS a cult.  Homosexuals, when found out and captured, are thrown off the roof of a high building and, if the fall doesn’t kill them, they’ll be tortured to death.  The irony in this particular part of Islam is that they employ Bachi boys…young boys used by older men for their sexual pleasure.  A Muslim is not supposed to imbibe alcohol but when they get to Paradise they can drink all they want and will not get drunk.  They profess to be “the religion of peace” but everything they say and do refutes that claim.  It is a cult which has in its holy book’s writings call for the killing of infidels and especially Jews.  No other faith, as far as I know, does that.

    Let’s shift gears and talk about the recent fiasco that some are calling an election.  The Democrat/Socialist/Communist party rigged the election in 2016, and lost.  They started, I believe, the day that Trump was inaugurated, to plan to rig the 2020 election.  The facts that are showing up the many instances of voter fraud indicate that this was also a rigged election, but this time the plan was much better executed and had so many moving parts to it that it was difficult, but not impossible, to unravel it.  Trump’s legal team is busily engaged in gathering information and people high up in the opposition’s team are upset because it might, and probably will, lead right back to the former President, Hussein.  As for me, the eight years that Hussein was in power wasn’t so much an administration as it was a well-organized crime spree dedicated to the ultimate destruction of the United States.

    There are those, brave enough to speak out, that are saying the confirmation of the Harris administration (no, that’s not a mistake) will be the third term of Hussein and will attempt to complete the “transformation” of America.  This time we know what it is that they want to transform us into and, with the help of patriots, we may be successful and keep the true winner in the White House. As with Islam, the Democrat/Socialist/Communist party has a plan and it calls for Biden to resign after a nominal time in office, Harris takes his place and we’re off to the races.  With no appreciable opposition, perhaps in the form of a civil uprising, America will begin the slow-but-sure descent into the depths and become another Venezuela or Cuba.

    Last, but certainly not least…the armed forces.  My being retired Navy doesn’t make me a seer or pundit on it or any of the other forces.  It does, however, let me understand some things that I see and read on official and semi-official postings.  It appears that we do NOT have a two-ocean Navy anymore and the plans seem to indicate that we’re preparing for a WW2 style of war, with amphibious landings from a little ways offshore. That’s all well and good and we’ve built a number pseudo-warships for that purpose…to stand offshore and deliver troops, most likely Marines, to the beach.  The HUGE difference between then and now is that we no longer have the big guns on big ships, to soften up the shore defenses.  To my way of thinking that is a tactical error bordering on suicide.

    Parting shot: America is still the greatest country on Earth, to the consternation of lefty politicians, but it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.  We are at a fork in the road when it comes to this election, and whichever road we choose is going to determine the eventual life, or death, of the United States as we know it now. Do we truly understand the enormity of that part of our freedom?

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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    Image: Sunny Sunflower’s picture on Pixabay . 

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