• After All These Years … How Do Our ‘Leaders’ Think They’ll Get Away with It?

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    Surge Summary: Dr. Deborah Birx is among the latest high-profile officials caught red-handed transgressing the very COVID-19 guidelines they are exerting on the rest of society. How is it, after all these centuries, that public figures continue to convince themselves they will get away with breaking the rules they are allegedly promulgating for everyone else?

    Mayor Gavin Newsom, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Mayor of Austin, Texas Steve Adler, the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and many others,  now including Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force … What do these all have in common? They’re each public officials captured flagrante delicto violating the very pandemic protocols they insisted on imposing on “the little people”; i.e., the mere civilians who comprise the society they’re supposed to be leading.

    Peter Heck provides details on the Birx hullabaloo:

    Dr. Deborah Birx … who warned Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving and not visit families, traveled out-of-state herself for a Thanksgiving holiday with family.

    Three different generations of Birx’s family gathered at one of her vacation homes on Fenwick Island in Delaware. When her trip was reported publicly, Birx claimed the trip was simply to take care of winterizing the property.

    Before Thanksgiving, Birx made several public statements telling Americans to limit their social gatherings to members of their immediate household and not to travel.

    … The COVID-19 expert was outed by Kathleen Flynn, whose brother is married to Birx’s daughter. Flynn said she was concerned about the safety of her own parents, given the fact that Birx “cavalierly violated her own guidance.”

    The New York Post has reported the sixty-four-year-old infectious disease expert has announced her retirement since news of the scandal emerged.

    Incidents like these remain genuinely remarkable – until one recalls human nature as adumbrated by biblical doctrine — and by the rest of human history: Hypocrisy double-standards, selective application of “the rules”, a “for-thee-but-not-for-me” mentality … whatever one calls it, it’s nothing new.

    More bewildering – but perhaps just as predictable – is the practical self-blindness enacted by the swells. How do they think they are going to get away with these incongruous, barely concealed cultural trespasses?

    I suppose some could claim it was a brain freeze, a momentary lapse. But these aren’t stupid people.

    More likely? It provides testimony to some variety of elitist hubris, nurtured in part by a “bubble” mentality that has stalked people in high-places forever. When leaders surround themselves with sycophants, courtiers and congratulatory fellow-travelers they risk ending up with an attitude that assures them they’re always right about everything, that they can do no wrong, that they dwell in a realm above the hoi-polloi.

    The weirdness thickens when you consider – as has been demonstrated over the last many months and for centuries, literally – the big-wigs keep getting caught and called out. Other people or circumstances get around to busting them – and yet, they keep convincing themselves, perhaps only sub-consciously, “This time, I’ll get away with it.”

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    Image: Picture of Joakim Roubert on Pixabay.

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