• Bill Gates Says: Months More of Lockdown, 2022 Before Return to Normalcy

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    Surge Summary: in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, mega-wealthy software developer Bill Gates foresees and endorses no return to normal living until sometime in 2022. Easy, perhaps, for the billionaire tycoon to say but for regular people, it’s an option that is beyond preposterous.

    I don’t know exactly what to think of gazillionaire business magnate Bill Gates. Lots of folks on my conservative side paint him a pseudo-, one-worlder-anti-Christ, twirling his moustache over the prospect of shrinking the population through a sinister vaccination plan. Lots of other Americans view him as nothing less than the walking, inspirational, generously humanitarian embodiment of the Horatio Alger story.

    Whatever the case, we need entertain zero doubt about Bill Gates’ views on the pandemic currently rattling the nations. He’s on record – just days ago — as having swallowed the COVID-19 scare story status quo; and then raised its stakes.

    Disrn’s Peter Heck reports:

    Saying that the next few months of the pandemic were going to be “bad news,” Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning.

    “Sadly, the next four to six months could be the worst of the pandemic,” Gates said. “The IHME forecast shows over 200,000 additional deaths. If we would follow the rules, in terms of wearing masks and not mixing, we could avoid a large percentage of those deaths.”

    Gates said he was disappointed that the United States had not done a “better job handling it” and lamented the economic impact the pandemic has had throughout the world.

    The much-touted coronavirus vaccine? Gates welcomes it. Still … he doesn’t see a returning to normal until – wait for it – sometime in 2022. You read that right. He’s not even accepting the spring 2021 forecast some “experts” are tossing around out there, but prognosticating – and recommending – regular life not resume until sometime the following year.

    “The fourth-richest man in the world,” writes Heck with, I’ll assume, some snark intended in his phrasing, “said it was ‘appropriate’ for bars and restaurants to stay shuttered for the next half a year.”

    Yes. With, umm, money to burn, and his professional dreams having long been fulfilled beyond, I’m sure, his most delirious dreams, I suppose it’s comparatively easy for the sixty-five-year-old software developer/ philanthropist to breezily envision another, what, half-year? full year? of economic, financial and career devastation for the millions of Americans who will be sent reeling by the never-ending shutdowns. (He actually, physically shrugs at one point during the interview.)

    For the rest of the country? It’s possible right now, with fully eight months of Wuhan Flu-fueled, government-imposed pseudo-imprisonment behind America’s population, it may take years to recover from the havoc that has already been wreaked. So why not blithely prepare everyone for yet months and months and months of more of same?

    Does Mr. Gates get – I mean really get – what he‘s recommending? The deleterious fiscal, relational, emotional/mental and, yes, non-COVID health spin-offs of closing down the world for potentially two full years (or more)? It’s some comfort to know he thinks all this is “sad”, but as a liberal in good standing, what’s he thinking? That the Fed will just keep the printing presses churning out “stay-alive” dollars for those inconvenienced by their companies’ shuttering, their businesses’ collapsing, their jobs’ shriveling away, their hopes and dreams pummeled into dust?

    Never mind the current $27 trillion (and counting) U.S. debt. What of the brutal personal cost to multitudes being effectively told, Sure, you can keep on breathing, but you shouldn’t plan on actually living for the foreseeable future?

    Yes, COVID-19 is a serious problem. The elderly and immune-compromised should isolate themselves. Yes, everyone else should be sensitive to those terrified by this super-flu (which over 99% — literally — of those who contract it will survive). Within reason, by all means, social distance, wash hands regularly, wear a mask if you must.

    And, regrettably, some will perish from the pathogen. For them and their loved ones, a genuine loss.

    But should America’s entire society and way of life be required to perish along with them?

    Stop this fantasist twaddle about slamming shut and packing away LIFE for nearly as far as the eye can see. It was never a realistic, practicable solution. It never will be.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    H/T Disrn

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