• Double-Standard: Where’s Buffoonish Media’s Kvetching About ‘Unqualified’ Biden Picks?

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    Surge Summary: For four years, the Mainstream Media has complained about the “unqualified” men and women Donald Trump has promoted into his administration. Suddenly, with “President Elect” Joe Biden, the MSM has gone mum on the “qualifications?” question.

    by Peter Heck

    Considering Leftists’ and Democrats’ typically enthusiastic endorsement of rule by “experts”, some of the allegedly incoming “president’s” administration picks could be slightly bewildering.

    Disrn’s Peter Heck admits (admittedly tongue-in-cheek):

    The day Joe Biden announced that Mayor Pete Buttigieg was his choice to be the next Transportation Secretary, I braced for it. I knew our brave, meticulously objective, facts-first media was going to unleash a flurry of critical analysis, harpooning the Democrat boy wonder for being painfully unqualified for the job. …

     [T]hat’s what they’ve been so reliable in doing for four years. Remember this is the media that courageously sounded the alarm about Justice Amy Coney Barrett being the least experienced potential justice in history. Granted, they weren’t exactly right about that assessment. But I’m sure they just forgot that Obama-appointee Elena Kagan had never even been a judge when she was selected. A completely understandable oversight.

    Heck reminds us legacy media “helped amplify” Dem outrage objection to Betsy DeVos’s appointment to lead the Education Department. She’s obviously unqualified, they all sniffed superiorly.

    Additionally, Democratic Senators Dick Durbin (IL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) could be counted among those who chimed in their scandalized disapproval of some of Donald Trump’s selections.

    Heck’s sarcasm continues:

    “There’s no way that our honest and candid media, petrified of democracy dying in darkness, would fail to call these prominent Democrats on the hypocrisy of objecting to DeVos but supporting a goofy appointment like Buttigieg.”

    More to that, there’s no need to stop with DeVos. Leftist-mouthpiece National Public Radio made it a point to designate Trump-nominee Kathy Kraninger unqualified for heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

    So where is that publicly funded media outfit’s pronouncement on Mayor Buttigieg‘s lack of credentials?

    “Ohhhh, that’s right,” snaps Heck,

    How silly of me to have totally forgotten we don’t have a serious, legitimate, impartial, free press in this country. We have the Democrat Media Complex.

    That’s why the fact that a guy who was largely incompetent in South Bend, Indiana on the singular transportation issue a mayor actually has to contend with – filling potholes – is utterly immaterial to the journalist class. Look at the COVID-19 situation for proof that party is far more indicative of press coverage than competence.

    Democratic Party-leashed Mainstream Media’s inconsistencies are legion: Republican Governor DeSantis of Florida, who has “run circles around Governor Cuomo of New York” on COVID response? A dangerous clod. The “sainted” Democrat Cuomo? Award winning executive, feted author, comprehensive genius! Thus declareth the Media Mavens …

    Ditto that on the clown show happening in Michigan versus the effective management of a state like South Dakota. Gretchen Whitmer is a Democrat, but Kristi Noem is a Republican. So even though Whitmer’s state has a much higher mortality rate than Noem’s, you’d never know it by the representation of both in the press. And it’s not just Noem. The media narrative has consistently been that Republican governors like DeSantis (FL), Ducey (AZ), and Kemp (GA), have been disasters. Michigan’s per capita death rate is far higher than all three.

    Interested parties can assume, whatever shortcomings Buttigieg might present regarding his new federal government berth, they won’t generate “even the slightest bit of media consternation. He will be heralded because he, even as a white male, checks off the identity politics boxes and willingly plays the game.”


    “Sweet heavens, what a symphony of silliness. Racially unjust roads? Seriously? It’s the kind of nonsense that leaves rational people more than a little mystified. Like this guy:”

    “I feel pretty confident,” concludes Peter Heck, “the answer to that question will prove to be no, but here’s something I’m absolutely confident about: our illustrious media won’t care either way.”

    To Read Peter Heck’s complete column, go here.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    H/T: Disrn

    Image: Adapted by: Nicolás Espinosa – De mi computador, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7713597

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