• Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, NFL Week Thirteen … and Tuesday Night Football?

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    Surge Summary: Pigskin Pundit’s Week 13 picks for another weekend/beginning of next week roster of big games — this time around including a Tuesday Night Football outing. 

    by Pigskin Pundit

    Covid Craziness ruled the week.  Pittsburgh squeezed out an ugly delayed win a week later than intended over Baltimore’s rendition of ‘The Replacements’.  A win is a win, but dang…. that was uglier than Aunt Martha’s chin wart.  What wasn’t ugly was my 12-4 record this week, and I’m at 113-64 (64%) for the season.  Let’s hope this week shapes up better than last, as playoff races tighten.  Here’s the picks.

    Browns at Titans – This game will probably be closer than most think, notwithstanding the intensity of Tennessee’s playoff quest.  Still, nobody pounds the ground like King Henry, who allows both his offense AND defense to dictate the game.  Chubb will get his yards, but when the dust settles, Tennessee will be Titanic…and I don’t mean the ship.  Browns go down in Whiskey Town.

    Raiders at Jets – This is no trap game for Lost Wages.  Gruden needs the win, and the Jets need the loss.  Do the math.  Vegas hits the bright lights on Broadway…hard and repeatedly.

    Jaguars at Vikings – After the Vikes’ riveting win last week, they will be ready for more of same.  Not gonna lay down at home for the lowly Jagsonvillers.  Cuzzins put together a nice 2-minute drill last week for the win, and all the gladhanding about Chad Beebe after the game overshadowed the fact that Carolina was helpless to stop that drive because Captain Kirk picked them apart with photon torpedoes and phasers set on ‘Kill’.  Purples polish off the pussycats from palm tree peninsula.

    Bengals at Dolphins – Fitzy returned last week and shot down the Jets, while his defense improved to deny GangGreen that hallowed ground beneath the uprights.  Look for them to pull the Tigers’ teeth this week, as they hunt a playoff berth and Fitzmagic torches Cincy for 350 yards.  Phins win to stay in.

    Colts at Texans – This is one to watch.  Houston is resurgent (can a 4-7 team resurge?), playing better ball.  Indy needs every win now, to secure a ticket on the postseason bus.  Crennel’s lack of a run game will decide this matchup, as the Colts have enough air defense to blunt Watson’s missiles.  Colts corral the Longhorns.

    Lions at Bears – If the progress of Atlanta and Houston after the firings of their head coaches is any indication, expect the Lions to follow suit and play like they can breathe again by beating DaBears this week.  Don’t get me wrong, the Falcons and Texans didn’t start winning all their subsequent games, but both teams began to relax and play like they are enjoying football again.  Matt Nagy will be one of the next coaches to get sacked if the newly emancipated Lions roar and score in the Windy City.  At the very least, they should play better now that Gnat Patricia’s reign is over.  Lions redeem regime change on the road.

    Saints at Falcons – Everybody KNOWS Atlanta is better than their record.  Problem is, everybody KNOWS that New Orleans is AS GOOD as their record.  Raheem Morris has coached the Falcs to a 4-2 record since Quinn’s exit.  Counter that with the Saints defense, which has been best in the league since Week 9.  Call them the Ain’ts when it comes to surrendering points.  Taysom is king of the Hill in Georgia.

    Giants at Seahawks – Seattle Slew Philly last week in the Battle of Opposite Coast eagles.  This week the dented Giants head into the Northwest, probably without Danny Dimes.  Instead, NY will likely start career clipboard holder Colt ‘Don’t Call Me Real’ McCoy, who is master of the mediocre stat sheet.  He runs a little, he throws a little, and in Seattle that will amount to little.  WayneTrain Gallman has been a nice placeholder for the greatly-missed Saquon ‘Charles’ Barkley, but even his efforts to push the ball downfield won’t be enough.  Joe Judge’s defense will be the bright spot in this game, making things hot for the hot Mr. Wilson…. but in the end the Giants just have too many gaps…like trying to eat corn on the cob with six teeth.  Plenty of desire, not enough equipment.  Squawks rock, Giants walk.

    Rams at Cardinals – King Kliffsbury should have beaten my poor Patriots last week, but he got outcoached and then his placekicker shanked on the game-winner, giving New England the ball and new life.  Our kicker, Nick the Kick, circa 1946, hammered home the game winner from 51 in his leather helmet.  Folk Music, they call it.  The Scrams need a win to stay ahead of Zona in the division, and to push their playoff plans along.  Their potent defense should lock down Murray’s flurries, and even if Goff doesn’t find the endzone that much, he should find it enough.  McVay wins away from LA.

    Patriots at Chargers – The Pats are winning any way they can, because Cam Newton sure isn’t much of a passer.  More than any other coach, Belichick takes whatever he has at hand, and fashions it into some kind of effective-if-unsophisticated tool to neutralize the other team’s strength and his team’s weakness every week.  In the last three weeks, his battered team of modest talent has bested the two most dangerous running QBs in the league, and just missed beating Buffalo on a late (Newton) fumble.  The Chargers are charged with talent, lots of it, yet they are 3-8 and trending the wrong way under Anthony Lynn.  They are fully capable of beating New England and should…. but they won’t.  Pats make chicken salad out of chickenp—p in Boltsville.

    Eagles at Packers – The Feebles play their last game under Dougie Pederson, who has clearly lost his way.  His empty answers and shrugs are confirming to Philly that he is out of ideas.  Leadership means figuring it out, and that ain’t happening.  The Packers have figured it out, and they will apply that knowledge (and leadership) to thumping the feathers off the Eagles this week.  The Eagles become the second roasted bird consumed this week.  Pass the stuffing.

    Broncos at Chiefs – The Cronks head into Arrowhead, maybe with no QBs, to face Tyreek the Freak, Kelce Grabber and Patrick ‘Just Havin’ Fun’ Mahomes.  Credit Denver with a decent defense, but we have seen this movie before….’Defense holds valiantly for 3 quarters, while the offense sputters and leaves points on the field…and KC explodes for a double-digit (heck, make it triple) points lead in the 4th quarter’…upon which visiting team realizes ‘They were just toying with us most of the game.’  Rinse and repeat.

    WFT at Steelers – Clarification: last week’s misspelling of Washington’s initials was A TYPO.  I’m not disrespectful of this team or the effort they put in, despite their stupid moniker.  Wont’ matter this week, because Pittsburgh WILL disrespect them, all over the field.  Whenever this game actually gets played, the Steelers will forge a win in riveting fashion.

    Bills at 49ers – The return of Shanahan’s band of merry men is under way.  Buffalo comes west to face a healing Niner team that is showing some fight again.  Mostert returned, Richard ‘Tank’ Sherman announced his return with a massive game, and the team just looked better all around, as parts started clicking again.  Buffalo is fairly solid against the run & pass lately, so the big question is…Which Josh Allen will suit up Sunday?  If the goofy ‘rookie’ Allen shows, I like Frisco’s chances.  If the ‘new & improved’ Allen shows, Buffalo should leave town richer than they arrived.  Bills get paid in the city by the Bay.

    Cowboys at Ravens – Tuesday tilt, thanks to Baltimore going for herd immunity on Covid the last couple weeks.  It may not have cost them anything, because Pittsburgh was going to abuse them no matter which lineup showed up.  The Ravens are slipping out of contention, and they desperately need this win to right the ship.  Dallas won’t lay down on them, but it shouldn’t matter.  As dinged up as Harbaugh’s D is (Jimmy Smith went down in Pittsburgh), it should still be haltin’ Dalton while Action Jackson gets the offense reignited against a team that just surrendered 41 points to Washington.  Ravens find fresh carrion under ‘the stars’.

    Enjoy the games!

    -PP (Nate Clark)

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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    Image: Adapted from: https://www.pikrepo.com/focbh/selective-focus-photography-of-wilson-nfl-football

    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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