• Pop Culture Transgenderism Is Quietly Turning the Cannons on Homosexuals

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     Surge Summary: A long-simmering conflict between “traditional” homosexuals and the more fashionable “trans-gender” activists is deepening — confirming that, too often, revolutions end up turning on those who stood with others promoting them. 

    On the LGBTQ-Propaganda-Beating-Everyone-Over-the-Head front …

    Peter Heck writes:

    Movie star Ellen Page announces she’s now her “authentic self…Elliot Page,” congratulating herself on her own courage to take on the “horrific discrimination” faced by transgenders.

    ABC television’s Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 features a bevy of LGBT themes almost every week, including a recent storyline of drag queens in peril.

    Meanwhile, the same network’s new hit drama Big Sky features actor Jesse James Keitel, celebrated as the first “nonbinary series regular in a lead role on prime-time TV.” According to LGBT-activist publication The Advocate, Keitel’s character is a, “transfeminine nonbinary artist and sex worker,” that the show creators un-ironically feature being targeted by the sexually deviant choices of the antagonist.

    This next tidbit is hard to believe – even in our sex-crazed zeitgeist:

    A few channels over, Nickelodeon is promoting one of their own transgender actors, Michael D. Cohen, as he encourages young kids to embrace transgenderism themselves in order to get the opportunity to interact with him and the Nickelodeon casting team.

    After admitting that only kids who say they are transgender will be afforded the opportunity to connect with Nickelodeon, Cohen said it was necessary to counter the “backlash and oppression of rights” being faced by trans people.

    In less polished terms, normal, “straight”, “cis-gender”, “hetero” kids need not apply.

    All of which draws attention to a conflict that’s been brewing for a little bit now:

    Science tells us that a child reveals his or her personality over time, not their sex. Sex distinction is real, scientific, and meaningful.

    The outlandish proposition that it isn’t would, if accepted, unceremoniously extinguish the identity of gays and lesbians that they have fought for decades to enshrine in the law. If boys and girls don’t exist, then boys who like boys and girls who like girls is meaningless at best, an appeal to abusive, patriarchal schemes at worst.

    If transgender theory is true, claiming a homosexual identity becomes bigotry. How perfectly duplicitous for these transgender activists to turn the same strategy executed to perfection by LGB crusaders against them.

    “Revolutionaries will always turn on one another,” Heck reminds us (see “Revolution, French”), “and the sexual revolution is proving no different.”

    Author and contemporary gay-rights pioneer Andrew Sullivan has been pulled into the fray. Read this Twitter exchange between him and some of the opposing explicators of “trans” orthodoxy. Yes, this back-and-forth really happened …

    “How frustrating it has to be.” reflects Heck, “for Sullivan to see fellow LGB’s happily promoting the hijacking of what they once believed was their cause.” He then summarizes:

    “Victimization turns to normalization turns to celebration. Transgender radicals are on the move and it’s going to be fascinating when LGB allies realize it’s not really the conservatives they’re targeting.”

    Read Peter Heck’s full column here.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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