• So Far, Politics in the New Year, 2021: More Secrecy, Less Openness

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    Surge Summary: So far 2021 is revealing that while America’s process needs more openness and transparency, the nation is moving toward less of both of these. Who is operating behind the scenes? It’s getting harder and harder to tell.

    by Rob Morse

    It is hard to understand the politics of 2020 and 2021. We know some of the actors but we don’t know who is manipulating them. When you see people act in unexpected ways then you know there are people in the game you have not identified yet.

    Think back to four years ago. At the request of both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, we saw the FBI and the CIA claim that Russia helped Trump get elected. The Democrat media used any excuse to blame Trump so they promoted that lie for years. In fact, it was Hilary Clinton who leaked government secrets from her private server. The Department of Justice looked the other way as the Biden family took millions of dollars from a foreign government. No one went to jail for that corruption so the level of corruption in our government is shockingly deep.

    We saw the tech giants of Google and Facebook skew their search results. If you typed in Clinton, you thought you were looking for Saint Hilary. You were delivered search options of racist rapist if you typed in Trump. In fact, it was Trump who prosecuted sexual abusers and child traffickers.

    In 2020, we saw Democrat politicians take record low unemployment and turn their economy and their budget into a disaster. These blue cities and blue states, supported by a fawning and uncritical media, demanded that the rest of us pay for their horrible policies.

    We saw Zuckerberg and Bloomberg give hundreds of millions of dollars to promote Democrats in the 2020 election. We saw Soros buy secretaries of state in swing states. We also saw prominent Democrats on the board of Dominion Voting Systems.

    Time after time, we saw blatant examples where our election laws were violated… and the US Department of Justice couldn’t see anything wrong. We saw real-time voting information sent to foreign servers… yet the CIA says they didn’t know a thing about it. That doesn’t make sense and is probably a lie.

    The voting results were absurd. We saw Trump get more votes than any sitting president ever. Trump had more small donors than any sitting president ever. Parenthetically, that is all the more remarkable since Trump is a billionaire and we donated anyway. We saw similar groups of people vote very differently… depending on who counted the votes and what brand of voting machine was used. We saw the presidential vote tally suddenly shift in the middle of the night when election officials had supposedly stopped counting votes.

    In hindsight, we saw Dominion voting machines deliver unusual numbers of votes to Biden. How did the Biden voters know to use those machines rather than the other voting machines next to them? The simpler explanation is that the Dominion machines turned ordinary people into Biden voters without their knowledge.

    We saw prominent judges look the other way as our election laws were violated. We saw state legislators approve fraudulent elections. That doesn’t make sense, not yet, unless there are other forces at work.

    The news media blamed Trump for violence after we saw Antifa demonstrators bussed to the front of a Trump rally. We saw people inside the capitol building open the doors to let Antifa protesters inside. The media blamed Trump and Trump supporters for violence. That lie echoes the Nazi Germany propaganda from 1933.

    Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups said we should disarm US citizens because Antfa rioted at a Trump rally. In a spirit of unification and reconciliation, the left demanded that anyone who went to the Trump rally be fired. The radio syndication company Cumulus/Westwood One threatened to fire talk show hosts who questioned Biden’s legitimacy.

    We saw Google, Twitter, and Facebook suppress our freedom of speech if we dared question the election. Facebook closed the independent political group “Walk Away” even though the group had a half million followers. Facebook closed the accounts of the group’s administrators. It is not allowed to say that freedom loving liberals should walk away from the Democrat party. Questioning the actions of Democrat politicians is the new hate speech.

    When we spoke out on other forums, we saw Google, Apple and Amazon de-platform Parler. We saw Amazon partner GoDaddy take down second amendment websites. We saw Mailchimp stop email services to conservative groups.

    I’m worried and the reasons should be obvious. Honest elections are way to settle our differences peacefully. Political speech is a way to express our concerns and try to change the minds of our opponents. If you want to prevent civil unrest, then you need more transparency and openness, not less. We are seeing the opposite.

    We know who is being corrupt, but we don’t know who is pulling the strings and guiding their actions. Someone explained this coup as American politicians and American corporations adopting the Chinese model. There, elite corporations with political backers want markets without free markets. Politicians and their billionaire backers want elections without democracy. What we’re seeing fits that pattern, but there are actors behind the scenes.

    I gave you 800 words. Please share them with a friend. RM

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Originally posted here.

    Image: Adapted from: Roberto Cortes on Pixabay . 

    Rob Morse

    Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, Clash Daily and Daily Surge. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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