• Victories! Pro-Family Group’s Successes During 2020 Pave the Way for Efforts in 2021

    During 2020, the Left became even more openly radical and more aggressive in targeting young children with their destructive agendas. At the same time, the mainstream conservative movement has been backing away from (or caving in on) the critical “culture war” issues.

    But not MassResistance. We stepped up our game in cities and towns across the country! Here are just a few of our successes this past year:

    Ohio:  After a “gay” activist spoke at a middle school assembly, MassResistance forced the school superintendent to set a policy banning all LGBT presentations, literature, and questionnaires – and making all outside speakers an “opt-in” choice for parents.

    West Virginia:  MassResistance stopped a horrible “Drag Queen Story Hour” event from taking place in liberal Morgantown’s public library – after we revealed the depraved, anti-Catholic, and criminal background of the “performers.”

    California – Torrance: Angry MassResistance citizens successfully got officials to remove the toxic Black Lives Matter curriculum from both the high school and middle school – despite its heavy support by radical teachers in the system. Its radical political agenda is heavily Marxist, anti-American, anti-police, racist, and intensely pro-LGBT

    California – Chula Vista: We exposed how public officials lied to the community about having “Drag Queen” background checks. As a result, the city’s “Drag Queen” program was cancelled and has not returned.

    New York: In a wealthy New York City suburb, we got a public library’s Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled – by organizing residents to aggressively complain about the depraved nature of the event. A national “gay media” campaign lobbied hard to bring it back, but the local parents held their ground.

    California: MassResistance activists across the state stopped an oppressive anti-therapy bill from being re-filed in the CA Legislature. The sponsor simply gave up! It had been derailed in the State Assembly last year after a statewide MassResistance effort.

    Wisconsin: Our local activists successfully pressured the left-wing Library Board in their town to enact a strong anti-Drag Queen event policy. It was a very nasty fight, but the Board finally capitulated to the local outrage!

    Idaho: The Governor signed a bold anti-transgender bill into law protecting youth, after MassResistance helped activists counter an LGBT campaign of lies about it.

    California – Downey: Local MassResistance parents forced the School Board to abandon “Teen Talk,” a hardcore Planned Parenthood “comprehensive sex ed” program. The district will instead create its own in-house course – to please parents.

    Michigan: MassResistance activists stopped a push in a leftist city to create an oppressive LGBT commission. The so-called “Diversity and Inclusion” Commission would have threatened and punished Christian businesses and individuals while promoting radical programs.

    Georgia: A MassResistance activist, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ran for Congress (for the first time) and WON with 75% of the vote! And she did not back down on her solid pro-family views. This shows that MassResistance activists can accomplish anything when they act boldly!

    No other conservative groups do what we do. We are not afraid to be aggressive. We treat this like the war it is – instead of just a policy “disagreement.” That’s what makes us effective. We put the forces of evil on notice that they’d better back down right now!.

    As 2020 comes to a close, there are even bigger culture-war battles coming up in 2021. We need to be prepared to take them on – and win!

    We don’t have dozens of staffers like some conservative organizations that only “report and analyze” what’s happening. We make things happen with a very small but dedicated staff – and an army of great volunteers!

    Our goal is to be the most powerful pro-family force this country has ever seen!

    Your investment in MassResistance’s efforts go a long way – and make a BIG difference!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: Pexels’s picture on Pixabay . 


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