• Venturing a Few Questions About These Mask Mandates

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    Surge Summary: The mask mandates that are ruling living nowadays offer their share of inconsistencies and confusion. These prompt reasonable questions, which some people are willing to put out there.

    by Peter Heck

    In a recent column, pundit Peter Heck sticks out his neck, seeking some clarity on what is becoming the all-masked-all-the-time norm across the nation.

    “I’m not an anti-masker,” he writes. “I have no issue with taking precautions that allow me to continue going to work, keep people healthy, and make my coworkers more at ease.”

    “But that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions,” he continues. “The inconsistency of the rules makes this all seem like grand theater:”

    • If masks slow the spread of COVID-19, they should ostensibly also slow the spread of seasonal influenza. Why then, would we not require and mandate the wearing of masks permanently? Are we suggesting that those who contract and die from the flu aren’t as valuable to us as those who contract and die from COVID-19? The number of deaths may be smaller, but those are still human lives that are precious. What is the justification for not imposing permanent mask-wearing mandates if it could “save just one life?” What’s the distinction?

    • I announce the home football games for the high school where I teach. Players on the field pant, spit, sneeze, wrestle, sweat, and bleed all over one another throughout the game. When they jog to the sideline they are required to put on a mask. Come on.

    • I go to a restaurant. I open the door and put my mask on to walk 30 feet across the room to my table where I then remove the mask for the duration of the meal. I then put my mask back on to walk 30 feet to the door. Huh?
    • I live in a state that has a mask mandate but allows for far more flexibility than many other states. The spread in my state is exponentially lower than the spread taking place in states that have enacted some of the most rigid distancing and mask-wearing mandates, including punitive consequences for disobedience. Again, doesn’t that seem to indicate a virus spreading regionally as it will, despite mitigation efforts?

    I don’t mean to be a contrarian, and I certainly don’t aim to put anyone in harm’s way. But I think we need to start asking these questions particularly in light of announcements like this:

    No vaccine is 100% effective, many times they don’t offer immediate protection, and they may not protect against every mutated strain of the COVID-19 virus. I understand. But what I need someone to explain to me – to all of us – is how this doesn’t portend a permanent, perpetual, unending social-distancing, mask-mandating future for us all?

    COVID-19 isn’t going away. Like all viruses, it will mutate and continue to spread in waves, perhaps seasonally. So, if masks are required now in order to be considered a loving, humane, charitable member of society, how will that not be the case next month, or next year? What’s the end game here?

    Lots of people are starting to ask (Peter Heck clearly among them): Will this pandemic mask protocol ever end? The powers-that-be seem more than eager to keep pushing it on those parts of the masses who have any desire to get out into the world and do the simple things they used to do with open-face less than a year ago (go to work, shop, visit a restaurant, etc.). The majority of the population, meanwhile, seems eerily comfortable being forced to wear a “face diaper” every day, nearly everywhere outside of their homes. It’s the price we have to pay, they seem to have concluded with a weary shrug, in order to go about life’s basic functions.

    As COVID continues prowling among us to any degree, some folks might be aghast that anyone has the temerity to object to the current state of things. Their objection, mind you, prompts one last question: Exactly when can liberty-loving Americans express their concerns about the Mask-State status quo?

    Read Peter Heck’s full column here.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: by Hedgehog Digital on Unsplash

    Peter Heck is an author, speaker, and teacher from Kokomo, Indiana. An author of nine books, Peter’s opinions have been published in The Washington Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

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