• Who Knew? People Around the World Concerned About Well-Being of the Family, Children

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    Surge Summary:  Response from around the world to the frontline activism of U.S. pro-family group MassResistance confirms concern for the well-being of children and families exists across the globe.

    by MassResistance

    MassResistance is becoming known around the world – in multiple languages. Foreign websites are reprinting our articles and highlighting our material.

    The conservative movement puts its effort into writing, posting videos and podcasts, and putting on conferences.

    But very few groups are willing to boldly and effectively organize people to confront the Left –particularly regarding the LGBT agenda. (And more recently, we’ve had to address the Black Lives Matter movement and the virulent oppression of conservatives.)

    Our approach is especially noticed and appreciated in foreign countries. In most of these places, citizens lack a tradition of standing up to their government that we have in the United States. People are thrilled to see a group courageously pushing back.

    Here are just a few of the many foreign-language posts from around the world featuring MassResistance:


    Canada : libéré de l’injonction au silence, un père dénonce ces juges qui placent l’idéologie LGBT entre lui et sa fille (“Canada: Freed from silence injunction, father denounces judges who place LGBT ideology between him and his daughter”)

    This report (in French) features a reprint of our shocking interview with Rob Hoogland, the father in British Columbia whose teenage daughter was being given sex-change medical procedures without his permission.


    Cuidado: ¡Los sodomitas se están apoderando de las escuelas y bibliotecas de sus hijos! (“Beware: Sodomites are taking over their children’s schools and libraries!”)

    This article features our report on the elementary school librarian in Austin, Texas who is a BDSM “Leatherman” by night, and who invited a convicted male prostitute Drag Queen to read to young children at the school. (MassResistance exposed this horrific story.).


    Pro Vita & Famiglia (Pro-Life & Family) is the most prominent pro-family group in Italy. They have translated and re-posted several MassResistance articles on their site, including these:

    Perseguitato per aver salvato una bambina da una pedofila (“Persecuted for saving a little girl from a pedophile”)

    This was our article about Philip Zodhiates: President Trump Should Have Pardoned This Pro-Family Hero. He Didn’t.

    In piazza per salvare James (“In the public square to save James”)

    Uses our article about the James Younger case in Texas: MassResistance activists force children’s dance studio to stop enrolling 8-year-old boy as a girl.

    La Gaystapo scatenata con un ex draq queen (“The Gaystapo lashed out at a former Drag Queen”)

    Our MassResistance article about how Kevin Whitt, our Texas MassResistance Assistant Director – and a former transgender – was targeted by Antifa because he was telling the truth about that horrible lifestyle.


    Our Russia MassResistance group has begun translating our articles, which they send around via email. They’ve also started posting them on a website.

    Заявление «Массовое Сопротивление» нашим сторонникам: что нам всем теперь делать? (“Mass Resistance statement to our supporters: What should we all do now?“ – Posted on a website.)

    Translation of MassResistance article about the Reichstag fire in 1933 and how it relates to what’s happening today.

    The MassResistance post – in Russian.

    На крупном митинге Республиканской партии в Далласе – «Массовое сопротивление» высказывается о трансгендерных методах «смены пола», проводимых над детьми! (“At a major GOP rally in Dallas – ‘Mass Resistance’ Speaks Out About Transgender “Sex Reassignment” Methods Used On Children!”)

    Translation of MassResistance article where our Texas Assistant Director Kevin Whitt, an ex-transgender, told the uncomfortable truth to GOP activists.

    Консультант начальной школы Айдахо говорит 11-летней девочке, что она может быть «транссексуалом», но не говорит своей семье!! (“An Idaho Elementary School counselor tells an 11-year-old girl she might be “transgender,” but doesn’t tell her family !!”)

    Translation of MassResistance article describing how we helped a mother and grandmother confront the elementary school counselor who pushed the LGBT agenda on their girl.


    同性戀的健康問題 (“Homosexual Health Issues”)

    This excellent 5-minute video highlights the contents of our book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” for Chinese audiences.


    美變裝皇后跟孩子講故事 家長踢爆講師竟經營色情行業 (“Drag queen tells stories to children”)

    This article describes our report about the Drag Queen in a Maryland library that was exposed by MassResistance. He runs lurid sex-oriented businesses, posts pornographic photos of nude men on social media.

    加州護家組織參加6月同志驕傲遊行 高舉「LGBT」新意義(“California Family Care Organization in the June Gay Pride Parade taking on the meaning of LGBT”)

    This article features Arthur Schaper of California MassResistance confronting the LGBT agenda at the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles.

    And more …

    Hardly a week goes by where we don’t get an email (or postal mail) from someone overseas thanking us for our frontline activism! And in return, we are continuing to build up our MassResistance chapters with activists around the world to help them.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Originally posted here.

    Image: by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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