• Fake News: Propaganda Is the First Step Toward Much Worse

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    Surge Summary: The passage of 2013’s National Defense Authorization Act and actions by “Big Tech” more recently are threatening Free Speech right. Many shrug their shoulders today, but the precedent is alarming.

    by Kandace Hardin

    There has been a constant fight for Americans to get truthful news, thought nothing like it is lately. The government, who finds themselves imagining that they are gods, (with a little “g,” working their way up to a “G”) are trying to shove their propaganda down the collective throats of the free citizens of the United States. Yes, still free, but for how long.

    Most of the networks and periodicals at some point have published “information” They are later forced to recant and apologize because the information was incorrect, or just an outright lie.

    There is a call to censor the voice of any Conservative news outlet now, like Newsmax, OAN and any other network that is not on the Varsity team with the Democratic agenda.

    There is no doubt the media, or right hand of the Democrats, handle the truth carelessly, but is that all it really is?

    It is possible that the news media along with the government in collaboration are trying to spread fake news or propaganda to the American people.

    Isn’t that against the law?

    It was up until 2013, the year that it all changed. The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) removed a 1948 ban on the United States government allowing them to release propaganda on its citizens. This action neutralized the Smith – Munt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

    The NDAA was created with the “purpose” of protecting citizens here and abroad from undue influence of foreign governments on the Internet. What it didn’t mention (outloud) was that it also allowed the government to create and release propaganda on its own citizens.

    Most people were not dismayed at the time with this as there was no funding for the government to create and distribute any propaganda.


    Then President, Barrack Obama signed a bill into law in 2016 for the NDAA that included what was called “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016.” Though designed to protect the US from foreign entities such as Russia and China, it also allowed the release of propaganda to US citizens. It set up a grant funding for non-governmental originations and others that were already engaged in counter propaganda related work.https://freedomoutpost.com/is-the-us-engaging-in-propaganda-against-its-own-people/

    This provided the funding needed to propagate propaganda.

    When a falsehood is repeated many times on a form of media trusted by the people, it can become the accepted truth by the public.

    When the “fake” news networks repeat, “impeachment” and “Constitutional.” so many times, like they did a couple of weeks ago, it makes one feel that some law had been broken. They were sure that the 45th President would be impeached. On what grounds, no one could really say, but that was not important. The repetition convinced many that it was inevitable.

    So, if propaganda is okay, how far behind can full censorship and the removal of the First Amendment be?

    Actually, it isn’t too far away.

    Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have recently banned President Trump, Alex Jones, et al, from their platforms, citing hate speech, violence etc. https://www.npr.org/2018/08/06/636030043/youtube-apple-and-facebook-ban-infowars-which-decries-mega-purge  They claim that they are fine with opinions but all must be courteous  to each side. Who decides what is courteous or respectful? Who died and made them king of free speech? How often does the average person get thrown into Facebook jail or Twitter Purgatory?

    Many might think that Alex Jones is a kook, so who cares, or that President Trump tweeted too much, so what?

    Everyone should care, as this sets a precedence for anyone with an odd idea, truth, or theory to be shut down,

    The question is who has the right to say who can speak and who cannot?

    This and other laws that allow for anyone or anything to be suppressed must be disallowed.

    There is the First Amendment. It was put in place for EVERYONE.

    No one or no entity has the been elected to nullify it.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay 

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