• Harry and Meghan Illustrate an Entire Ignorant, Contemptuous Generation

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    Surge Summary: Even those not following the late drama of Britain’s Royal Family should be concerned about what former Prince Harry and his wife Meghan represent: a snapshot of the state of the current generation of self-centered, historically ignorant, culturally presumptuous men and women.  

     by Daily Surge/Peter Heck 

    Disrn’s Peter Heck unabashedly admits his disinterest – perhaps un-interest would be even more accurate – toward all things British Royal – to include Oprah Winfrey’s recent, controversial interview with former Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markel.

    “But,” qualifies Heck “then, scrolling my Twitter feed, I came across an observation about the whole saga that caught my eye. It came from an Israeli philosopher named Yoram Hazony:”

    “[A]ny basic perusal of social media, visit to a college campus, or public engagement of Gen-Z or Millennial voices,” emphasizes Heck, “reveals his prescience.”

    He cites journalist Bari Weiss who quotes a private Los Angeles prep-school whistleblower describing society’s current tone this way:

    “It teaches people who have so much to see themselves as victims. They think they are suffering oppression at one of the poshest schools in the country.”

    Heck continues:

    Just like the insanely wealthy Harry and Meghan, Weiss recounts the bewilderment of one Los Angeles mom whose son’s black friend told them he was, “inherently oppressed” even though, “this kid is a multimillionaire.”

    The only thing that rivals the contempt young Americans have, generically speaking, for their foundations and heritage is their ignorance of it.

    On the one hand, biblical illiteracy is staggeringly high among young people. The text that shaped the whole of Western Civilization is known to a rapidly declining portion of those who are now commandeering the reins of societal power.

    Ask them what they know of this book that anchored Sir William Blackstone’s “Commentaries on the Law,” that Shakespeare alone referenced 1,200 times in his plays, that provided the pretext for Dr. King’s seminal “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” and you’ll likely get some claptrap about it providing the basis for a “misogynistic, patriarchal system of perpetual abuse.”

    The magnificent contributions of Western Civilization are equally criminal these days, all assumed to be the ill-gotten gain of white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant men exploiting others while taking the lion-share of undeserved accolades. Newtonian physics are renamed so as to “decenter whiteness,” and that’s just the beginning.

    Heck goes on to detail a doltish roster of trendy intersectionality, censorship, socialism, gender obsessiveness, historical dishonesty, etc.

    “Ignorance and contempt,” he summarizes.

    For readers over thirty who may be feeling heedlessly smug they haven’t fallen prey to these dangerous delusions, Heck offers this parting shot:

    Not that these manipulated young people are to blame themselves. We adults have passively allowed them to be overrun by the insanity to such a degree that they truly believe their gravitational drift towards resentment, fear, and victimhood is something far more profound and noble than the weak-minded conformity it is.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    H/T: Disrn

    Image: Adapted from: Northern Ireland Office – Prince Harry and Ms. Markle visit Catalyst Inc, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69326384

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