• Look Around: Leftists’ Perpetrating Crimes Against America, Against Humanity

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    Surge Summary: The actions of Leftists within the Democratic party make it clear their goal is to destroy America. They are guilty of crimes against Americans; against humanity. China, and others wanting to take over this nation are waiting for the collapse.

    by Larry Usoff

    America is dying.

    We have people in our government that are bound and determined to kill this country.  You probably can name them as well as I, but they all share one thing…they are members of the Democrat party.  That lefty part of our Congress is showing their true colors every day when China Joe signs a new Executive Order, and so far none of them have benefitted America or the American people.  If we call them out, charge them with mass crimes against Americans.

    When, with the stroke of a pen, you put 75 thousand people out of work, that, to me, qualifies as a crime against humanity.  When, again with that pen you open a border and allow a flood of illegal aliens to pour in, when there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that need food, shelter and jobs, that is a crime against humanity.  If a nation has no borders is it really a nation, or just a huge land mass?  The horde that is invading the United States is bringing a lowering of the standard of living for Americans.  In order to survive in their new country, the aliens will take jobs for less money, they will live in crowded conditions in order to save money…and a large portion of that money goes out of OUR country to their native land.

    In addition, the huge influx of aliens is probably being vaccinated ahead of some Americans, while diseases that haven’t been seen in this country ever, or for a long time, are showing up.

    The conditions, imposed on a truly overworked Border Patrol and the other law enforcement agencies are straining not just the efficacy of the units, but it is confounding the American people.  Why are the conditions being created, and why are they being allowed to continue?

    My answer to that is that we are witnessing the slow-but-sure death of America by people who have openly declared a “war” of sorts on their own country.  Surely you must know that we’re getting foreign agents bent on destroying us, along with the “civilians”.

    While America is muddling along, with the engine of prosperity shut down, our potential enemies are enlarging their forces.  We are facing two (at least) countries that are readying for nuclear war and are prepared to lose about half their population in order to win.  Our Navy, which once was the finest in the world, and proved it, is way too concerned with social engineering and “innovations” in the way it thinks the next war will be won.  I read somewhere, and it might have been an official Navy unclassified document, that in a “skirmish” with the Chinese in the South China Sea, we would lose.  China, by building artificial islands claims that it allows them to claim it as their land, getting them further out before they are in international waters.

    Many times the Russians and Chinese come up with aircraft that look remarkably like ours…because they dig into all the free material that the government and aviation magazines put out.  We might take 2 or 3 years to develop an aircraft, or an electronic system/device, and they will gather the available information and duplicate our effort in a matter of months, maybe a year.  We are building “imitation” warships that cannot get out of their own way, assigning them a fancy name, like “littoral” and buying them before they have been made combat-ready.  We’ve even bought aircraft carriers that had major problems and couldn’t put out to sea and claim to be combat-ready.

    Our ground forces, from what I read, are abandoning the “old” way of fighting and depending upon some things that may not exist yet, or ever.  Unmanned ships, unmanned drones…these are what are making the news, so my guess is that we’ll field robot armies as well. The Marines are positioning themselves for an amphibious landing type of war, something akin to the beaches of Normandy in World War Two.  This time, however, there’s no big guns on big ships to soften up the enemy on the beaches.  Are we just using our troops as cannon fodder?  While our armed forces are changing uniforms at a rate of about every two years, they are keeping the same ones, and spending that money on other things…like the stuff they copy from us.

    In the Navy of my time, our small-arms were all made in the USA.  Now we use weapons from all over, and with no guarantee that the supplier will be on “our side” if push comes to shove.   If we are to survive as a nation we must function as a cohesive unit, not one torn apart by color or religion.  We emerged from World War One as a country to be reckoned with, and World War Two proved that we were the top dog.  Petty arguments, people working against the citizenry, and downright apathy about remaining top dog are why I say America is dying.

    Parting shot: There is no other country on earth that is quite the same as the United States.  Some come close, but legal immigrants who may wait years to come here, say that it’s worth it because we are such a wonderful country.  Mark my words, those people, and you know who they are, do not want this country to keep on being.  You HAVE to understand that, my friends.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: Adapted from: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/; John Englart; https://www.flickr.com/photos/takver/3165319711

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