• Russian Roulette: Why the Rush to Plunge Kids Back into Leftist, Secularist Public Schools?

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    Surge Summary: As COVID concerns begin to abate a bit, it’s odd that so many conservative and Christian parents are so eager get their children back under the influence of public – government – schools that are really Leftist, secularist indoctrination centers.

    by David Lane

    “Sending your kids to regular school today is flirting with Russian roulette. I’m sorry, I wish it weren’t true but it just is.” With this recent remark nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist Dennis Prager was one of the many calling for an exodus from public schools.

    Does making present-day public schools the equivalent of playing Russian roulette sound like hyperbole? That is, spinning the revolver’s cylinder with a single bullet, then placing the muzzle against one’s head and pulling the trigger in a deadly game of chance.

    What Prager is saying is that those are the odds if today’s education system’s portentous pedagogues will submerge children in their secular brand of religion, all under the guise of “religious neutrality.”

    In the context of America’s providence, it must be fully understood that there is no such thing as “neutrality” in regard to religion. All schools will teach some form of religion. To believe or not to believe in God, both are a religious belief. The Scriptures were purposefully made the cornerstone of the Early American schooling curriculum. America’s founders made a religious decision.

    In a similar vein, for today’s government-run school system it has been decided that the inclusion of Judeo-Christian religious values in education is unimportant, foolhardy, a private matter, and/or not worth considering.1 This is a complete fabrication, given the fact that in apostasy, as Charles Spurgeon observed, the truth is abandoned and falsehood and fiction embraced.

    It bears repeating that since the takeover of the biblically based culture by secularists over the last 100 years, two distinct religions are vying for control of the public square in America. One is eternal and immutable Christianity and the other is transient and mutable secularism. Both cannot coexist for long, if ever, as one will ultimately go down as a consequence of the elevation of the other.

    With this in mind it is rather difficult to understand why Christian parents, and Evangelical and Pro-life Catholic under-shepherds, are calling for public schools to restart! Secularism’s unrelenting drum-beating for arbitrary issues such as diversity, cancel culture, race, gender, transgender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and girls competing against biological boys, to mention a few, is in every respect cultural Marxism in its usual business of stoking the fire of divisiveness and controversy regarding class, race, gender, and disposition.

    Which brings us to former Fox News and NBC News personality Megyn Kelly, who sat down with HBO’s Real Time Bill Maher to talk about her and her husband Doug’s experience with education in New York City.

    “We loved our schools; we were in the NYC private school system and our boys went to an all-boys school and our daughter to an all-girls school. We loved our teachers, loved the students, faculty, and parents.

    “And they were definitely leftist; we’re more center-right, but that was fine. My whole family is Democrat, it wasn’t like I was bothered by the fact that they leaned a bit left. But they went hard left and started to take a really hard turn towards social justice stuff.

    “And at our boy’s school, in particular, it started with, when our son was in the third grade, they unleashed a three-week experimental Trans education program on these eight and nine-year-old boys. And it wasn’t really about ‘support’. We felt it was more about trying to convince them, like, ‘come on over’ … and the boys started to get confused.

    “They had to implement this system when you had to raise your hand, [saying] ‘if you’re really confused put up a one,’ ‘if you’re just a little confused put up a two!’”

    Maher asked, “How old are they now?”

    “They were eight and nine at the time. We objected and so did a lot of other parents to the point where the school had to apologize for that, which they very rarely did.

    “Then our kindergartener was told to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their mascot; now he’s six! [We thought] can he learn to spell Cleveland before we activate him? [I mean], he lives in NYC, we got busses, we got subways, we got crime … he’s got things to worry about other than ‘social activism’. And if he’s going to be activated, Doug and I should do it, not a kindergarten teacher [who] didn’t run it by us.”

    Maher: “This is what I’ve heard from parents – and these are all liberal by the way – who say, ‘My kids are not ready to be told that they are white supremacist, I’m not ready to be told that. There is racism in this country, but this [social justice agenda] is making people crazy.”

    “It’s so divisive and counterproductive,” Megyn Kelly concluded.

    It is hard to miss that there are predators preying on America’s children through public indoctrination camps. They set the stage for children to become disconnected from their parents and by force and guile drilled in secularism’s alleged value system. In this way public school children are pimped for “race, social justice, 21st-century ‘victimhood’ …”

    And this takes place in elementary schools! No matter whether Johnny might yet be able to read, he will be saturated nonetheless with secularism, paganism, and religious neutrality. Wait until he gets to junior high with its heavy fixation on sex, violence, porn, and depravity. It is junior high where high becomes low, where 13 and 14-year-old girls are taught about “oral sex, anal sex, sexual fantasy, masturbation, touching each other’s genitals, and vaginal intercourse, with all this as saying, ‘I like you’.”3 And all this slickly wrapped up as guidance as to “health” and “tolerance.”

    Generation Alpha, the youngest generation born entirely in the 21st century, is subjected to all-inclusive homosexual grooming. They learn the alphabet through the “Gay ABC,” where A stands for asexual, B for bisexual, C for coming out, D for drag, G for gay, I for intersex, Q for queer, T for trans. twitter.com/i/status/1366108099711553538

    For America to make it through, secularism should be challenged in America’s marketplace without objectors being threatened, censored or silenced. Secular hectors in public education, universities, and academia are stifling America’s spiritual life. New life must be breathed into the spiritually lifeless state of education, academia, newsrooms, sports, the Courts, big business, Hollywood, and medicine if America is to survive.

    That is why placing kids back in secular educational seclusion, after the COVID-19 reprieve, just resumes secularism’s agenda, furthering America’s wanton decline towards Gomorrah.

    What more will it take for a Gideon or Rahab to stand in the public square!

    David Lane

    American Renewal Project

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    Image: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/; Adapted from: Fibonacci Blue; https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/25538486407

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