• Shocking Question: Who’s ‘Transitioning’ Our Children? And Why?

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    Surge Summary: Children are currently being “transitioned” – undergoing “gender transitioning” procedures — without parents’ approval. It’s an occurrence so widespread, that a support group has actually been formed for moms and dad who have endured this outrage.

    by The Ruth Institute 

    [A recent]  Dr. J Show guest knows first-hand the pain of having a child sucked into the transgender movement.

    Maria Polaris (not her real name) and her husband’s lives were turned upside down when their daughter ran away from home after her first year of college. Someone they didn’t know picked her up and helped her get medical treatment to attempt to change the sex of her body.

    Maria and her husband are now part of a support group for parents of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, www. parentsofrogdkids.com, which connects parents with others in their area. They are also active in advocacy for more humane, evidence-based public policy in the area of gender identity.

    This issue will not go away anytime soon. Indeed, it’s just getting started. Maria offers advice for parents to find out how gender dysphoria and the trans movement are seeping into schools, polluting the minds of children, without their parents’ knowledge. In fact, schools even lie to parents about it.

    Hear her painful story, which includes facts you may not hear elsewhere, such as: Though 95% of gender confusion fades out, at gender clinics, 100% of gender-confused kids are transitioned.

    Watch and learn how you can help prevent the trans movement from affecting those you love. Please note: Maria wishes to remain anonymous, so you won’t see her face. Instead, we have a more graphic-heavy show.

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    Image: Adapted from: Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

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