• Tragic Accident … and Biden’s Unfolding Border Tragedy

    Surge Summary: A tragic accident involving dozens of illegal immigrants is an apt metaphor for the unfolding tragedy of President Biden’s and the Democrats’ border policy.

    by Gary Bauer  

    [Tuesday] afternoon there was tragic news that a Ford SUV collided with a big rig truck in California.  The SUV was packed with 25 illegal aliens, and at least 13 were killed in the crash.  Incredibly, in the age of COVID, we still have human smugglers bringing in more than two-dozen people in one vehicle.

    They reportedly cut a hole in the border fence.  Not in Trump’s wall, which is strong, but in the weak fencing Congress has reluctantly built over the years when the politicians pretended to secure our border.

    While the truck crash made headlines [Tuesday], President Biden’s open border policies are creating a slow-motion train wreck at the southern border.  Of course, it’s being done in the name of compassion, but there’s no compassion for American workers and taxpayers.

    Biden is putting downward pressure on wages by allowing more illegal immigrants to compete with Americans for jobs during the pandemic.  And where’s the compassion for American taxpayers who pay for local schools, hospitals and other social services?

    Meanwhile, city officials in Brownsville, Texas, said the Biden Administration has released 108 migrants who tested positive for COVID.  If one kid in your school gets COVID, the whole school gets shut down.  Way to go, Joe!

    And to top it all off, Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, said this week that the Biden Administration’s message to illegal immigrants is this:  “We are not saying don’t come.  We’re saying don’t come now,” because they don’t yet have a safe and orderly procedure to process illegal immigrants.

    This is utter nonsense!

    We already have a safe and orderly procedure – it’s called the legal immigration system.  And the message to illegal immigrants should always be, “Don’t come illegally.  Period.”

    New polling shows that Biden’s open border policies are extremely unpopular.  While many Democrats don’t think that entering the country undocumented should be illegal, 65% of Americans disagree.  And 67% oppose Biden’s catch-and-release policies.

    Again, I want to stress that border security has nothing to do with race.  America is one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world.

    But, as we noted [Tuesday], Americans of every race are being hurt by open border, quasi-amnesty policies.  In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that minority communities are hurt the most. And it’s one reason why Donald Trump did so well among Hispan.ics. Wake up, GOP!

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    Image: Screen Shot: USA Today; https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/03/03/imperial-county-california-suv-truck-deadly-crash-what-to-know/6900800002/

    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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