• Truth Tellers Today: Be Inspired by St. Patrick’s Boldness in the Face of Oppsition

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    Surge Summary: In the face of today’s cancel culture, those standing for truth need to be inspired by the likes of “St. Patrick” who faced dire obstacles in standing up for what he believed in a hostile land.

    by Larry Tomczak 

    In our culture that has drifted so far from the anchor of biblical truth and our Judeo-Christian heritage, nothing should surprise us anymore. In our nationwide celebration of the spiritual titan, Saint Patrick, can we expect his name and legacy also to be put on the chopping block?

    Recently Franklin Graham said, “Madness is sweeping across our country. I am referring to the ever-widening spread of what has been dubbed cancel culture, the suppression and intolerance of people whose viewpoints differ from what our godless society has deemed fitting and appropriate. Not surprisingly, the overwhelmingly left-wing cancel culture has aimed its most vicious verbal darts squarely at Christians…”

    Seeking ways to stir up hornet’s nests, anti-God, anti-marriage, anti-family and anti-freedom forces look for what they can tear down to topple traditional America. It’s not just fictional characters like Mr. Potato Head, Pepe le Pew, Peter Pan, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben but historical icons like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson. San Francisco recently removed over 44 heroes from high school names!

    Before they aim their heat-seeking missiles at the historical Christian leader whom we honor this week in America and abroad, let’s “head them off at the pass” by eliminating the myths they can legitimately point out. Let’s take the wind out of their sails and then again honor one of the greatest Christian leaders who ever lived.

    5 Myths Surrounding Patrick

    • Patrick was not Irish.
    • As a young man he had no interest in God.
    • He never drove out any snakes because there were none in Ireland.
    • His use of a shamrock to teach the Trinity is cute for children, but it’s just a myth.
    • There is no such thing as a leprechaun.

    Now I’m not a party pooper. I enjoy a celebration, but enjoy it even more when I understand what’s legitimate and what’s legend.

    With St. Patrick’s Day and all the green, the parades, parties with Irish stew and toasts to the “luck of the Irish,” let’s get behind the blarney to focus on an incredible man of God who transformed a nation through the proclamation of the gospel and the planting of churches.

    The Real Story of St. Patrick

    Years ago when I ministered in Ireland, I recall the descent of the plane and how absolutely awestruck I was to behold the green velvet landscape conjured up in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of Irish celebrants who annually dye the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day. In celebrations throughout America, this special feast day is a sign of spring, bringing welcome relief after the cold of winter.

    But what’s really behind this day and the man we honor? After all, he died over 1500 years ago on March 17, 461.

    Patrick was born in Britain in A.D. 390. He was raised in a Christian family, but his interest in God was almost nonexistent. He also was illiterate.

    Teens are often apt to wander, and Patrick sure did, reaping the consequences. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped by thugs and taken hostage on a ship to Ireland. Imagine the trauma and grief his parents experienced while praying for God’s miraculous intervention and the return of their son.

    For six agonizing years, he was trapped as a slave, working as a shepherd on hillsides. He was alone. He was scared. In desperation he began to cry out to God to rescue him from his plight.

    Picture your teenage son or daughter on that hillside, trembling and fearful for their very life.

    Yet God was at work in Patrick’s soul (just as He is in your wayward son or daughter!). In his classic Confession, he painfully wrote, “I would pray constantly during the daylight hours” until finally God broke through and revealed Himself in a dream and specifically said the following to this young, lost soul, “Your hunger is rewarded. You are going home. Look, your ship is ready.”

    Patrick Departs

    He bravely boarded a ship that was going to Britain, and he knew instinctively God was taking him back home. Risking his life but pierced to the core by the call of God on his life, Patrick journeyed some 200 miles from the Irish coast!

    This young man returned to his family transformed by the grace of God (wouldn’t it be great to see this homecoming captured on video?). In time, he even entered a monastery, to pursue the calling to full-time vocational ministry as a Catholic priest.

    Patrick excelled in his understanding of the Scriptures, and his character impacted his superiors and peers. Eventually he was made an overseer/bishop in the church.

    Patrick Returns

    Three decades after his initial abduction, Patrick sensed God stirring his heart. The Holy Spirit was directing him to go back to the pagan land of Ireland to evangelize the people mired in deception and darkness.

    Not only would this be an arduous journey, as there were no 747s to swiftly carry one to a destination, but it meant facing a hostile culture of pagans known for their angry outbursts and violent behavior. [Next time you hear the term, “Paddy Wagon,” think of its origin with the influx of Irish immigrants (nicknamed “Paddies” after Patrick) many of whom became policemen. Some others were routinely picked up in these padded wagons for their drunken brawling.]

    Patrick recorded his sentiments as he wrote, “I am ready to be murdered, betrayed, enslaved—whatever may come my way!”

    In the face of mockery and physical opposition—history records he was beaten by thugs and harassed by Irish royalty—Patrick persevered in proclaiming the gospel and training converts in their newfound faith.

    Incredible Spiritual Awakening

    As Patrick crisscrossed the countryside, God blessed him mightily. Tens of thousands of Irish were converted and hundreds of churches were established! Thomas Cahill writes in his book, How the Irish Saved Civilization, through Patrick’s courageous leadership, this warrior populace “laid down the swords of battle, flung away the knives of sacrifice, and cast away their chains of slavery.”

    Like John Wesley, who would follow in his footsteps a thousand years later, he also provided for the training of leadership to shepherd the new churches being planted.

    From the fall of Rome, culture was disintegrating on the European continent. Patrick, like Paul the apostle, Wesley, Booth, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer, Chuck Colson and other fearless Christian activists of whom we read, did not retreat in the midst of overwhelming odds. All of them prayed, preached the gospel, affirmed biblical Christianity and confronted evil fearlessly. Cahill honors Patrick and other champions of the faith who brought transformation to society. Because of him and others who rose to the occasion, “The Irish not only were conservators of civilization, but became shapers of the medieval mind, putting their unique stamp on Western culture.”

    One hundred years after Patrick’s death in A.D. 461, multitudes of churches and monasteries remained training future leaders as a testimony to this mighty man of God. His legacy should make us, excuse the expression, “Green with envy.”

    May Patrick’s courage ignite something in our hearts to reject silence and cowardice in the face of our cultural attacks today. May this man’s bravery inspire us to speak the truth in love regarding homosexuality, transgenderism and the extremely dangerous LGBTQ agenda; radical left-wing policies and platforms promoting Socialism and Communism; legislation destroying religious freedom; lawless immigration and election fraud.

    “For the sake of Zion I will not keep silent, and for the sake of Jerusalem I will not rest until her righteousness goes forth as brightness and her salvation as a lamp that burns” (Isa. 62:1).

    Here’s the deal: We will not buckle to today’s cancel culture if they attempt to discredit and destroy the legacy of Saint Patrick. 1500 years after Patrick lived, let’s follow this world changer in lifestyle evangelism and the courageous proclamation of truth.

    “When Irish eyes are smiling/ ’tis like a morn in spring

                             In the lift of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing.”

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/; jaqian; https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaqian/472197983

    Larry Tomczak

    Larry Tomczak, with over 45 years of trusted ministry experience, has trained leaders and planted dozens of churches in the U.S. and abroad. He’s the author of 10 books including the 1/4 million bestseller “Clap Your Hands!” and the innovative, video-supplemented “Bullseye Challenge” which develops informed influencers in 30 days. His weekly commentaries reach millions on Charisma News, World Net Daily, Barbwire, The Christian Post, ChurchGrowth.org and Intercessors for America. He’s a speaker for professional sports teams and currently seen on the major Christian TV networks and heard weekly on “InfoAmerica” broadcasts.

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