• Disarming a Borderless America? Dangerous Global Scene? America: Stay Vigilant!

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    Surge Summary: There is political, and even potentially military, unrest around the world. The United States keeps getting pulled into much of it. Then, of course, there is the unrest generated by a government that wants to disarm – and thus more easily control – it’s people. Time for Americans be be vigilant.

    by Larry Usoff

    I don’t know who originally said it but you need to think about this: America without borders is not a country anymore…it’s just a developed land mass.  Borders, for ANYTHING, say that this is a defined area, whether it’s a city, county, state, or country.  If you drive almost anywhere over 100 miles it’s a pretty sure bet that you will be driving from one city to another, or from one state to another.  You will know that because you’ll see a sign of some sort that says you’re either leaving or entering a designated area.

    Our Southern border might just as well be non-existent under the present lunatic administration.  People are flooding in and going to all parts of our nation, and we don’t know anything, or much, about them.  The catch-and-release program, brought back under the current administration is allowing un-vetted individuals and children to move about our country with virtually no idea of who they are, if they’re carrying a disease, or if they’re gang members.  This surge, or tidal wave, of people is going to have all sorts of consequences and we’re not going to like any of them.

    It was reported that the current administration is GIVING away more than one hundred million dollars to Palestinians, and that’s YOUR money folks, to aid in their recovery.  My prediction is that the money will never get to the people that need it, but will go for arms and ammunition.  The decades-old schism between the two sides will never be settled, if a power like the US, Russia or China keep feeding the Palestinians the money to keep the fighting going.  There is, in my not-so-humble opinion, no GOOD reason for us to be helping anyone in that area except the Israelis.  That country is the ONLY one that understands the true meaning of freedom, so we should be helping them not their enemies.

    There is much talk about gun control floating around Washington these days, because, and this is my personal opinion, the government in power now wants to do something that will greatly lessen the threat of the public rising up against them.  Keep in mind that an armed population is MUCH harder to control than a bunch of sheeple that will do whatever they’re told because there’s no way to resist.  If you’ve heard the term “ghost gun” and didn’t know what it was, this is what it is…guns put together from assorted pieces in a kit and, many times, with no serial numbers or any way for ATF to trace them.  When a person or an entity faces something unknown to them there is some doubt as to the outcome, and by infringing on a person’s Second Amendment the government may shift the outcome into their favor.  It is unconstitutional to infringe in any way, a person’s right to own and bear arms.  Many times, when I read about something that will affect the Second Amendment I think that if the government wants a civil war, that’s one of the best ways to start one.

    What Trump did, in one term, was to undo much of the evil, and yes that’s the word I’d use, that the left has put into effect over decades.  He cut to the chase and made logical, business-like decisions that were beneficial to America.  Biden, on the other hand, shows me that he cares little or nothing about America, its people, or how we are seen by the rest of the world.  In my non-medical and not-so-humble opinion, he is in the early (maybe middle) stages of dementia and this does not bode well for us in our relations with the rest of the world.  It goes without saying that we are at a fork in the road of diplomacy, and being knocked out of #1 position is not good for our national psyche.

    Taiwan, the island “nation” that we support and which China claims as part of their country, is in the news, and the news is not good.  There’s a body of water, the Taiwan Strait, also known as the Formosa Strait, is a 180-kilometer (110 mi)-wide strait separating the island of Taiwan and continental Asia. The strait is currently part of the South China Sea and connects to the East China Sea to the north. The narrowest part is 130 km (81 mi) wide.  China has long denounced the Taiwanese government as being illegal, and should come back under Chinese rule.  American warships have been using the Strait to travel back and forth and it should be noted that these are international waters.  Nevertheless, China has been making threats about our ships being in Chinese waters, and also hinting that the buildup of their navy might have something to do with an invasion of Taiwan.  I see this as poking a finger in the eye of Uncle Sam.

    Parting shot: As the world moves forward, there are definite signs of unrest in many parts of the world.  The United States faces foes, as powerful and ruthless as we encountered in World War Two, but we are not the people we were then.  Between technological advances and outright hatred of our way of life, we may be in for the fight of our national life.  Bioweapons, such as the Covid19, are in the arsenal of many of our potential enemies.  Be vigilant!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: Adapted from: https://nara.getarchive.net/media/a-lookout-on-the-aircraft-carrier-uss-saratoga-cv-60-scans-the-horizon-with-eb5af2

    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net

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