• New Film Presents Facts About Roe v. Wade … and That’s Enough ….

    Today, Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels …

    The new, historically based film Roe v. Wade is now available for viewing … and it deserves all the attention it can muster. The movie’s plot has been formulated around the actual, on-the-record facts, court transcripts, etc. — and that’s a good thing. The details are enough to reach those willing to be reached by truth. By the way, Hollywood’s anticipated response to this accurate presentation of this historic Supreme Court case demonstrates the roots of America’s current, predatory “cancel culture”. Yep, troubling, indeed.

    Also on this week’s Striker Radio …

    One year and counting into pandemic “lockdown” — guess what’s STILL going on? … COVID responses lowering view of humanity — and launching unsettling, long-term consequences … More evidence history of the Gospels is trustworthy …

    Tune in! Find out the details!

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