• What Kinds of Things Happen If Equality Act Passes? The Word ‘Horrific’ Comes to Mind

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    Surge Summary: The passage of the so-called ‘Equality Act’ (HR-5) spells disaster for America and the principles that have made her great. Religious Liberty will be put on the chopping block. Sexual and gender insanity will be codified into the nation’s law. Christians — and all sensible people – must unite to oppose this pernicious legislation.

    by Larry Tomczak

    The word “horrific” is a very strong word. It signifies more than “Yikes!” A good synonym is disastrous and that describes accurately the consequences for all of us if the radical, leftist Equality Act now before the Senate passes and becomes the law of the land. Isaiah spoke of this: “…they declare their sin as Sodom; they hid it not” (Is. 3:9)

    Allow me to share in a manner that might best be labeled PG-13. The following factual reports and information are real and reveal what will really happen to you, your children, grandchildren, friends, churches, ministries, counselors, businesses, schools, colleges, medical practices, adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, sports… literally, our entire way of life. As Roe v. Wade blindsided us and we’ve had 61 million unborn babies murdered in the womb, do not underestimate the devastation that will follow this legislation unless multitudes act to stop it.

    Each of us has a part to play uniting the Body of Christ in prayer and prophetic social action. A Spirit-lead initiative is underway and you’re invited to join with millions in the campaign.

    In the film Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise, the courageous hero worked with a team to try to terminate the maniacal Adolf Hitler. He stated, “It’s time now for something to be done. He who has the courage to act must know that he will probably go down in German history as a traitor. But if he fails to act, he will be a traitor before his own conscience.”

    Making Eye Contact

    If I was having a conversation with you I would ask you to give me eye contact and pay close attention to something that radical, “progressive,” secular elites are trying to foist upon us. They’re pretending it’s simply an extension of “civil rights,” you know, simply tacking on “sexual orientation and gender identification” to look out for everyone like we did in 1964 with people’s race, creed and color.

    What could be wrong with that? After all, we certainly don’t want to be labeled “racists,” “intolerant” opposed to “diversity and inclusivity,” right?

    The propaganda, manipulation and intimidation is seductive but as phony as cardboard figures in the stands and canned crowd noise during Covid sporting events. Only this is an insidious scheme that would destroy the values and principles upon which America was founded and prospered for over 400 years.

    Learning Leading to Madness

    A governor in Rome, Festus, once yelled at the apostle Paul “You are mad. Much learning is turning you to madness!” (Acts 26:24). The irony was that Paul was the enlightened one while this man, like other influential “elites,” was sinking deeper in Rome’s downward spiral of degeneracy and decline. “Claiming to be wise, they became fools” (Rom. 1:22).

    In the classic, “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” the observation was made that “bizarreness masqueraded as creativity.” Imagine Roman culture replete with homosexual and transgender behavior where even Emperor Nero “married” another man dressed as a woman and demanded his “wife” be addressed with the “preferred pronouns” of “Lady” or “Empress.” Sound familiar?

    In America there’s a rapper endorsing a custom line of sneakers called “Satan Shoes.” They’re offering exactly 666 pairs each having an embedded drop of blood and a $1,018 price tag. The scripture Luke 10:18 “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” is included as a graphic along with a pentagram.

    There’s more bizarreness in our culture today but this article relates specifically to what the Equality Act attempts to ignore or legitimize. Pay close attention because the following unsettling occurrences will become pervasive if the radicalized Democrat party gets its way.

    Chilling Examples Becoming Commonplace

    • A children’s court judge and former CEO of the foundation sponsoring the celebrated “Drag Queen Story Hour” for preschool children was just arrested for uploading images and videos of child pornography on 27 separate occasions with violent images of children as young as 2.  He has a gay “husband” and two adopted children. This foundation worked to “harness the pride, passion and commitment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies to advance their human rights…”

    • Marvel has introduced a homosexual/gay Captain America figure and a Mutant Drag Queen Superhero along with their first transgender movie superhero.

    X-Men/Fantastic 4 is toxic to our children as even the real life star of Juno, Ellen Page, now proudly proclaims herself transgender with even a new name, “Elliot.”

    • In a swim center, three teenage girls who play water polo, were traumatized encountering an unclothed man showering in their locker room. Reporting this to the police they were told they could do nothing because the person “identifies as a woman.” Elsewhere a different girls swim team walked into their showering facility where a biological man sat sprawled out naked on the bench. When the coach was notified she was the one reprimanded because the individual identifies as “transgender” believing himself now to be female.

      • “Celebrating womanhood and diversity,” a young biological male just won the female beauty pageant in Nevada on the path to Miss USA and eventually the Miss Universe pageant.

      • A Christian father remains in jail for weeks for the crime of referring to his 14-year-old daughter as his “daughter” instead of her new preferred identification as a male. The dad also objected to the girl’s school changing her name and helping her in the direction of hormone therapy and sex change surgery. This is in Canada where I spoke a few years ago and was counseled not to share anything against homosexuality and lesbianism because it is deemed a “hate crime” and I could be jailed. For the record, I shared God’s Word winsomely and without compromise.

      • Biden just celebrated Rachel Levine as his Assistant Secretary of Health. This biological male now identifies as a transgender female. Divorced, he formerly was married to a woman and was the father of two children. The “transitioning” doctor believes children should be able to choose their gender identity and allegedly have surgical gender reassignment surgery at government expense.

      • In Virginia, where I formerly lived, a man was discovered dressing as a woman to gain entrance to women’s restrooms where he filmed women undressed. Elsewhere, a cross dresser was caught raping a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom.

      As a public policy advisor with Liberty Counsel legal defense ministry, I assure you these examples are taking place today and as stated earlier, will become commonplace if the “Equality Act” passes in the Senate to become the law of the land. Our founder, Mat Staver, warns of the escalation of such incidents saying: “The Equality Act is the most dangerous legislation in America’s history.”

      Say “NO!” to HR-5 & Any Compromise

      The Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban any and all “discrimination” based on sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBTQ activities would have protected status under penalty of fines, imprisonment and removal of tax exemption. Over 550 sexual perversions would be promised protection!

    An alternative bill, called “Fairness for All” attempts to find some middle ground by compromising and giving broad “protections” that the LGBTQ activists demand. They’re willing to begrudgingly yield some exemptions for religious institutions (but watch how fast these go next!). While Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and others are in the confines of their facilities they have some immunity but once outside in “the real world” all bets are off! And if you think the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (almost unanimously passed in 1993) guarantees protection, forget it, as this legislation overrides it!

    Join with scores of “silent-no-more” traditional, freedom-loving Americans upholding decency in an easy and effective way to fight HR-5–the deceptive “Equality Act.” Start with “fervent effectual prayer” then engage because “faith without works is dead.” Click on WWW.STOPHR5.COM  to be informed and probably shocked at the ways this law would horribly impact your family’s lives! ENGAGE NOW TO PULL THE PLUG ON THIS PERNICIOUS PIECE OF LEGISLATION.

    Unite with multitudes across America to send millions of postcards to all U.S. Senators communicating a clear message: WE SAY NO! Do it today.

    One click sends a postcard to all 100 US Senators; the White House and all 9 Supreme Court Justices personalized with your name, city and state and mailed through the US Postal Service for less than the price of postage if you were to send them all yourself!

    All the details are on the site. No one is making any money or collecting any email addresses. This is your individual investment in protecting and preserving our faith, freedoms, families and future in America.  DO IT NOW AND TOGETHER WE WILL SEE A MIGHTY VICTORY FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

    “Who knows if you’ve come into the kingdom for a time such as this?” (Esther 4:14).

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge


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