• Pro-Lifers Take Note of this Pro-Choicer’s Passion: Terrible Cause, Admirable Zeal

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    Surge Summary: A bold, pro-choice teen takes advantage of her opportunity to speak out against pro-life legislation in Texas. Her cause is woefully misdirected, but her passion for her cause should inspire those who are committed to fight for the lives of unborn children – and sets a model for anyone standing for what he/she thinks is right.

    Today, Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels …


    How Leftists sabotage their own supposed agenda … Outspoken pro-choice teen shows pro-lifers how to get it done … Famous scientist makes some cheer — and then makes them boo … Memorial Day outrage …

    Tune in! Find out the details!

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    Image: Screen shot: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/03/1002831545/high-school-valedictorian-swaps-speech-to-speak-out-against-texas-new-abortion-l

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