• Being a Responsible Parent Equals ‘Terrorism’? Who Really Should Control a Child’s Education?

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    Surge Summary: It is time for parents to take back ultimate control of their children’s education. This used to be the way things were … now some sectors of government and the professional teaching industry want to take away that right.

    by Mikayla H. LaGrita

    There are state gubernatorial races in play, and it is very important that everyone exercises his or her right to vote, as demand is set in place in many states for audits and safeguards, to ensure election integrity.

    One of the controversial issues in many states is education.

    The Democratic primary candidate for Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, was quoted in a debate saying he believes that parents have no right to dictate what is being taught in the schools or have any input thereof. (Research Terry McAuliffe, his wife and political organization, it will be enlightening.)


    The real question is:

     Why have the American people allowed education to become a government led agenda?

    Initially, when America was young, there were no guidelines for schooling. In England, schools were only available for the privileged, but not the masses.

    The American Spirit formed its own brand of public education. Children were taught at home or in the homes of neighbors. As communities grew, the one room schoolhouse was brought into play. This building housed the school, served as a community center and often a church on Sunday.

    There was usually a home or a “Teacherage” close to the schools, so that male teachers’ families were close to the school and able to assist the teacher with his duties. Unmarried female teachers were usually boarded with someone in the community. This room and board were part of the teacher’s compensation.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the “Little House” books, became a schoolteacher two months before her sixteenth birthday. She taught in a one room schoolhouse.


    The one room school system allowed for the parents and the community to decide on the curriculum and the values taught in the schools. The community that sponsored their own school would have been up in arms if anyone from the government had tried to interfere with their wishes. Such indignity would not have been tolerated then and it should not be tolerated now.

    So why have the local schoolboards asked the National School Board to send protection against parents who have rightly become enraged? They question and disagree with the doctrine, CRT, and alternative ideas on reproduction that is being taught today. Why are these things being taught when basics in education are being forsaken?

    These local school boards along with the National School Board have the nerve to call the concerned parents, “terrorists,” and suggest that the Patriot Act should be enforced against them. Should the government, at either a state or federal level, try to enforce control over parents protecting their children, it is likely that all hell will break loose.

    Instead of relying on the government to educate children, parents need to be in charge of the local educational system. More thought needs to be given to how each parent personally is going to provide education to their children. In this way, the values of the parents, not the government are instilled. Local school taxes paid by homeowners should be culled out of local government control.

    The COVID-19 situation opened the eyes of many parents as they over the daily schooling, putting them at a bird’s eye view on the curriculum.

    There have been examples since of several families hiring a teacher away from her public school job to instruct their collective children at home.

    Taking back the power of education is key to developing free thinkers. Educational debate in the classroom is key to developing ideas and logical thinking. Indoctrination has no place with the children of this country.

    The Federal Government’s interference has led to teaching to tests and leaving students behind on important basics.

    It is time to take your children and their education back from those who are running their own agenda.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Originally posted here.

    Image: Screen shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjl3PWbKmuU

    Mikayla H. LaGrita is a wife, mother and writer who is refusing to be silent anymore.

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