• Playoffs Beckon … Pigskin Pundits NFL Picks, Week 15

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    Surge Summary: Still lots of teams are on the prowl for the NFL’s upcoming playoffs. This week (#15) could be crucial for some. Pigskin Pundit offers his predictions. 

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    It’s traction time for the teams moving on, and the playoff turnstiles are jammed with teams still keeping their playoff candle burning.  In the AFC North, one win separates the top three teams, and two wins all of them.  Similar mathematics repeat in several other divisions as well, so every game is huge from here out.  Speaking of out, I’m expecting the axe to fall on Urban Liar this week, as he has lost his team and worn out his welcome by being imperious and insufferable as head coach of Jacksonville.  Every player on that team has more integrity than he does, and you can’t lead from behind.  Speaking of leading, I went 11-3 last week, and am still leading the best of NFL network’s pundits by a comfortable margin, at 65%.  Nick Shook is at 61%, and Greg Rosenthal is 55%.  Here’s the picks.

    Chiefs at Chargers – A big divisional mashup for TNF, as the Chiefs take their lead into the house that beat them earlier this year.  These teams match up pretty well, actually.  The Bolts can defend the pass, which means Edwards-Helaire factors big.  Will he be enough?  KC defends the pass well also, but their pass pressure (essential to beating Herbert) will be lacking with Chris Jones out on Covid detention.  Ekeler will get some key carries, and probably some RPO passes as well, to keep Spagnuolo’s defenders off balance.  This game could easily go either way, so I’m going with experience here.  Thiefs steal a narrow win in Tinseltown.

    Raiders at Browns – Raiders have been dealt tough hand after tough hand this year.  Cleveland is hammered with Covid absences this week, including Mayfield, Jarvis Landry and Coach Stefanski, so what will they look like when they take the field?  Keenum will again make a Case for himself, and that Browns defense is…potent.  Without a serious ground game, the Faders should wilt inside the Orange pressure cooker of D-fence.  Cleveland wins by Myles.

    Patriots at Colts – Indy has shown they are a good team and gathering steam towards a playoff run.  And run they do, with the Galloping Greatness of Jonathan Taylor accounting for over 30% of team offense.  They have a good O-line and Michael Pittman catching passes, but if New England continues their trend of smashmouth running and suffocating defense, they are better than even to take a road win from Frankie Reich.  Good test for both teams, but the Pats study harder.  Colonials corral the Colts.

    Cowboys at Giants – Here’s your storyline; Giants get roped, spurred, whipped, rode hard and put away wet, saddled with another loss by the Cowboys.  Cue the prairie music …Ah-ee Ah-ee Ahh…wah WAH wahh….

    Texans at Jaguars – Oscar Meyer and his Weenies host Houston, and it’s anybody’s guess what the Sags will do in response to their coach losing his team due to his own arrogant stupidity.  They are professionals after all, and proud, their record notwithstanding.  The Texans are there for the taking, not that they will just lay down.  If I were Shad Khan, I would have already made him Urban Fired.  Perhaps the Jags have a little Raider blood in their veins, and will get a win here just to spite their soon-to-be canned head man.  Cats maul the Steers as a good-riddance celebration for Urban Liar.

    Titans at Steelers – I love Mike Vrabel.  He’s chippy, gritty, and doesn’t take bs from anybody.  Neither does his team, and they should have little trouble scrapping what’s left of the rusting, bent Steelers.  Tennessee turns Pittsburgh’s playoff dreams into a nightmare, as Has Ben goes gently into that good night.

    Jets at Dolphins – The Jets land in Miami this week, and it they think the beach is hot, wait ‘til they see the Dolphins!  Flores has put teeth into his defense, and Tua has gotten better as the year progressed, especially with Waddle, Parker & Gesicki snaring pig and ripping yards.  Phins get a win, and maybe they’re in.

    WFT at Eagles – This is truly a ‘Who the hell CARES?’ game, as Peter Griffin would say.  The Washington Rougehides are a scrappy team and Rivera is 7-1 against teams coming off the bye.  Both 6-7 teams want to get a sniff of the playoffs, but neither likely will.  The Feebles still have a lot of rebuilding to do, but they are better in enough categories that matter.  Jalen Hurts the Redsniks.

    Cardinals at Lions – Expect the Cardinals to rise like the Phoenix this week from their loss to the Scrams, and torch the Lions in their own lair.  They shouldn’t need D-Hop in order to pull the fangs on these Lions.  Kingsbury defeats king of the jungle.

    Panthers at Bills – ‘In my mind, I’m goin’ with Carolina..’…No, not really, James Taylor.  Bills will be bad luck for the Black Cats in this scenario, as the Buffalo defense stymies the toothless Panthers offense.  Prediction; Cam Newton doesn’t play, and STILL gets benched!  McDermott Rhules the field today.

    Bengals at Broncos – Cincy’s Tigers are looking to get their teeth deeper into the playoff picture, while Denver is also looking to canter into the postseason.  The Broncs boast a stout pass defense with ball hawk Surtain, but they don’t crush the rush, and Mixon is due for a good game grinding the sticks.  Big Throw Burrow will test the Orange D when the rushing game softens them up, while Teddy Bridgequarter is going to look like deer in the headlights when that Bengal rush collapses his pocket regularly.  Tigers enjoy a mile-high meal of fresh pony meat.

    Falcons at Niners – Atlanta is good enough at times to be a spoiler, but after the Niners put the Bengals away in a squeaker, you have to believe they will handle the Peaches at home.  Kittle in the middle is a riddle Arthur Smith won’t be able to unfiddle.  Prospectors pluck the peregrines prodigiously.

    Seahawks at Rams – Seattle has shown a little bit of life lately….alas, LA has been demonstrating raw power over the same time span.  Pete Carroll’s cupboard is sparse, while Sean McVay’s is an embarrassment of riches.  This field tilts one way….Hollywood.  Rams slam the birds from Bellingham.

    Packers at Ravens – I saw the 4.5 point spread for this game, and I think Vegas is messing with people.  Baltimore has ridden this train about as far as it goes, and this game should be the end of the line for the Ravens.  Green Bay should have their way with Harbaugh’s Harbingers, saying ‘Nevermore’ to the Ravens.

    Saints at Buccaneers – The Bucs don’t beat other teams the way you think they will for all their beef and bravado…but they DO beat them.  The Saints are lacking too many pieces to be a serious threat this week.  Brady, Bowles & Leftwich continue to make Arians look smarter than he is, as the pirates pillage the Aints.

    Vikings at Bears – Mike Zimmer drives me nuts, with the talent he has and no consistency.  It’s indicative of coaching, nothing else.  This is a really good football team that’s better than their record, playing a team that IS exactly what their record says they are.  The Bears will play hard and Fields will be valiant in his efforts to be the leader, and the Vikings will beat them anyhow, probably in mediocre fashion.  The Purple UnderPerformers skulk out of the Windy City with a meaningless win.

    Enjoy the games!


    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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