• Frank Counsel: One Conservative’s Open Letter to Donald Trump

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    Surge Summary: Donald Trump accomplished much good on the policy front during his term as president. He now needs to step aside, let someone else take up his mantle, refuse to stoke division within the conservative movement, and demonstrate that his love for America supersedes his own ego.

    by Nate Clark

    Dear President Trump,

    This is a most critical time in American history.  Our nation is at a crossroads regarding whether we will continue forward on the founding principles or further disintegrate into fighting factions and accomplish what no external force has ever been able to do; defeat the United States.  You still have an important role to play in this country, but it is not the one you envision for yourself.

    To assure you that this isn’t coming from the other side of the political spectrum, I have some acknowledgements to make regarding your Presidency.  I want to thank you for your hard work in filling court vacancies at so many levels, a crucial legacy.  I want to thank you for your efforts to follow through on your border security promises, despite being opposed at every turn by every kind of opponent, whether Democrat or Republican, foreign or domestic.  I want to acknowledge your intervention in the drug approval process that fast-tracked the Covid vaccines.  I want to thank you for taking on the Swamp of DC politics, an embedded bureaucracy and a discredited media with sharp elbows and strong determination.  All those things were needed by this country, and unlike many of your predecessors you hewed to the line of promises you made and tried to get as many done as possible, against tremendous opposition.

    This brings me back to your current role in American politics.  I do not support you in another run for the White House.  You aren’t going to reverse the outcome of the last election.  You aren’t going to be vindicated over your unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud, ever.  The irony is that your claims regarding this make you sound exactly like Hillary Clinton (who still hasn’t gotten over her defeat), a point not lost on the rest of us.  You diminish your own historic accomplishment every time you drag America back through that scenario.  You lost.  Deal with it.

    Your time as President has passed, and to continue to rail about a ‘stolen election’ only further divides a nation that badly needs to unite in the face of unprecedented new threats from a powerful, aggressive China and a resurgent, belligerent Russia, not to mention a plethora of smaller nations like Iran and North Korea seeking to unsettle what peace there is in the world today.

    Your petty scorched-earth attacks on any viable rival from your own party reinforces that what you care about most is Trump, which is how a weak candidate like Basement Joe beat you.  Your behavior and arrogance alienated many decent people who WANTED to vote for you, but could not support such a lack of character, and sat out the election or reluctantly voted for the alternative.

    If you truly want to demonstrate that your proclaimed love for America is greater than your love of self, then do the decent thing and step aside.  Stop promoting infighting among Conservatives for your own benefit.  Your tactics will only ensure that there is enough dissension and disunity among Republicans to secure another Progressive Democrat victory.  Our nation cannot survive that.

    You were instrumental in stopping Hillary Clinton when nobody thought it could be done.  You did your best to fulfill your campaign promises, which sets you apart among your predecessors.  You exposed the political corruption and power abuse of the deep state, for which we will be forever grateful.  Let these be your legacy…and let them be enough.

    Most Sincerely Yours,
    Nathan Clark

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/; https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse45/46451130962

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