• Five Reasons 78% Americans Dissatisfied with Nation’s Direction Under President Biden

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    Surge Summary: There are many reasons American’s are assigning a failing grade to President Joe Biden. This spells big trouble for the current U.S. Chief Executive and his political party. It’s time for voters to dump them both.

    by Larry Tomczak

    Recently I went to a theater to see the 50th anniversary showing of the masterpiece movie The Godfather. The story is riveting. The acting is compelling. Along with West Side Story and Chariots of Fire it is one of my favorite films.

    Many lines from Francis Ford Coppola’s classic continue to circulate in our culture. “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.” “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

    What I’m about to offer you in this commentary is also strictly business – nothing personal. My presentation is fact-based and consistent with both my weekly commentaries and the recent nationwide Gallup poll revealing 78% of Americans are dissatisfied with America’s direction under Biden; a scant 35% of Democrats, 2% of Republicans and 21% of Independents give him approval, all spelling “devastating” for Joe. I continue praying for him daily but concerning the business of governing he’s seriously harming the United States.

    When Emotions Die Down

    Ben Franklin told us, “Passions rule and they rarely rule wisely.” Trump-hating emotions enabled Mr. Biden to ostensibly win the White House after four years of nonstop, bogus assaults by corrupt corporate media. Biden was “elected” by deception and default: The Democrat party gave him the nomination because they didn’t want socialist Sanders and the poisoned populace gave him the prize because they didn’t want the media-created bogeyman, Donald Trump.

    With passions cooling and our nation cratering, multitudes are realizing the myths they accepted don’t comport with reality. Our nation is in a dire situation and decisions Biden made are destructive for America. His position as puppet of the radical Democrat party along with his projected image of a “moderate,” “unifier” and “devout Catholic” must be examined, exposed and eliminated.Since he still has three years in office, I believe his abilities can best be neutralized when Republicans in the midterms win 40 to 60 House seats, 4 to 5 in the Senate and put Pelosi and Schumer out to pasture leaving him a lame duck politician for the leftist progressives now controlling the party.

    5 Reasons Joe’s Got to Go

    1. Ukraine war

    Vladimir Putin is a former KGB chieftain, sociopathic, narcissistic, communist dictator whom Trump labeled a “killer” (who may be mad and a monster) is obsessed with breaking down the world order and restoring “Mother Russia” to her once dominant role.

    Joe Biden is a weak, incompetent and incapacitated career politician who along with James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover belongs in the Parthenon of America’s 3 worst presidents. Former White House physician for Obama and Trump, Dr. Ron Jackson, said Biden “looks weak and confused and with the whole world watching it’s obvious he’s not fit to be our president right now.”

    While campaigning, Biden said, “Putin knows when I’m President of the United States his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate America and Eastern Europe are over!” Kind of’ like his brash assertion in debating Trump, “The president has no plan …I will end COVID!”

    The communist dictator snarled at Biden and other leaders after preparing for months to invade Ukraine and on the night of the invasion gave this warning:  “Nations considering interference will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history.”

    Joe Biden didn’t cause the Ukraine invasion but he emboldened Putin to act in a way he never did with a strong leader like Trump. Partnering with Progressives, Biden’s first executive order, bowing to Green New Deal/Climate Change extremism, attacked America’s energy industry, forfeited the energy independence we secured under Trump (for the first time in 70 years!) and provided Putin with the opportunity of supplying Europe with oil and energy while making billions of dollars and stroking his ego to take bold actions with a weak American in office.

    2. Open borders/drug & crime wave

    After the Trump administration brought order and control to immigration at our southern border, Biden took office, removed restrictions and instituted the disastrous “open borders” policy that brought over 2 million illegals into our nation. And with them has come the avalanche of fentanyl which is now America’s most deadly drug (2 milligrams, smaller than two grains of salt, is a deadly dose!).

    Joe Biden never addressed the fentanyl epidemic in 2021 nor the explosion of violent crime and killings among gangs involved in the drug war in Dem-run cities across America. Homicides are up 44% and fentanyl seized is up 400%!

    Biden threw out the welcome mat for COVID untested illegal aliens from anywhere to come to America, receive free medical care and entitlements plus be placed on planes to be secretly transported to cities under the cloak of night. Instead of upholding his pledge to protect the citizens of our nation he ignored his constitutional responsibility and brought chaos to this land where we’ve only begun to see the consequences of his reckless and irresponsible actions.

    3. Economy/inflation

    Headlines: “U.S. Gas Prices Rising at Fastest Pace Ever; Food Prices Jump 20.7% in One Year to Hit Record High U.N. Agency Says.”

    What Joe Biden did in undermining America’s energy industry reverberated throughout the land as prices skyrocketed at gas stations and supermarkets. After four years under the Trump administration where there was no inflation, Americans now face the highest inflation in 40 years! Supply chain issues and sticker shock in purchases have demoralized hard-working Americans trying to raise their families in challenging times.

    The average American family is projected to face a minimum of a $3000 to $4000 increase from inflation this year while Biden waxed eloquent about our “booming economy and record employment” in his State of the Union speech. He deceives us by starting at a baseline of April 2020 when COVID put scores out of work then boasts he “created record employment” when people returned to work.

    4. Afghanistan withdrawal

    Ignoring advisors, Joe Biden pushed ahead with plans to capitalize on 9/11 by rushing the Afghanistan withdrawal which produced an unmitigated disaster and embarrassment for America on the world stage. Surrendering our air base, over $80 billion in sophisticated military equipment, watching our Marines and citizens be killed, betraying loyal Afghan partners and leaving them behind enemy lines (after Biden pledged “we’ll get them all out”) remains a national disgrace.

    Then Biden had the audacity to give a speech commending the withdrawal as a tremendous success! It’s unbelievable and unconscionable to this day plus another sign of how he is in denial and delusional in many areas.

    5. COVID/VAX mandates

    After stubbornly refusing to give any credit to the Trump administration for working to develop a vaccine in record time, Biden angrily pushed unconstitutional VAX mandates, later overturned by the courts. Unnecessary disruption in schools and businesses could have been avoided or minimized just like the “supply chain shortages” with responsible planning instead of punitive measures pushed under duress.

    Instead of inspiring and influencing America on a positive path through the challenging crisis of COVID-19, Biden turned a negative experience into a nightmare for multitudes. Scores of Americans won’t forget it.

    Here’s the deal: Disapproval and dissatisfaction with Biden and radical progressives and their leftist, socialist agenda are growing in America. People are awakening to the brutal reality of what we’re suffering under this man and his incompetent leadership. Jesus gave the parable in Luke 13:6–9 where he taught that after a period of time if there’s not good fruit on a tree, dig it, dung it, then destroy it. That time has come for Biden and his Administration.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: Public domain; https://nara.getarchive.net/media/president-joe-biden-delivers-remarks-to-department-de12b1

    Larry Tomczak

    Larry Tomczak, with over 45 years of trusted ministry experience, has trained leaders and planted dozens of churches in the U.S. and abroad. He’s the author of 10 books including the 1/4 million bestseller “Clap Your Hands!” and the innovative, video-supplemented “Bullseye Challenge” which develops informed influencers in 30 days. His weekly commentaries reach millions on Charisma News, World Net Daily, Barbwire, The Christian Post, ChurchGrowth.org and Intercessors for America. He’s a speaker for professional sports teams and currently seen on the major Christian TV networks and heard weekly on “InfoAmerica” broadcasts.

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