• From Man to ‘Woman’ and Back Again … Yeah, It Happens; Here’s One Man’s Warning

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    Surge Summary: One man’s story of “transitioning” to being a “woman” … and realizing that was not the answer he needed for his life. He now pours himself into reaching out to others who’ve made the mistake he made and need help, and warning those who are considering it to think again.

    by The Ruth Institute

    Walt Heyer underwent gender reassignment and lived for eight years as a “woman” before detransitioning. Even the doctors who transitioned him admitted in a court document that it is impossible to turn a man into a woman. So why is this still happening? Heyer asks.

    Through his website, sexchangeregret.com, Heyer spends most of every day responding to pleas for help from transitioners wanting to change back. They call themselves Frankenstein and say they hate their body, Heyer said. “People are being destroyed by this procedure.”

    Hear Heyer’s painful story of child abuse, which led to his gender confusion, and gender transition later in life. “Surgery is an extension of more abuse,” he said.

    “You can take all the hormones you want, have all the surgeries you want, but nothing changes… Cutting off body parts and filling [people] with hormones is not how to resolve somebody’s struggle. We’re harming them. I keep wondering, when are we going to wake up?”

    Watch his full speech from our last Survivor’s Summit here.

    P.S. Can’t get enough of Walt Heyer? You’re in luck! He’ll be at this year’s Summit in June in a special way. Shh! Stay tuned! 😉

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