• Latest Supreme Court Confirmation Confirms: Dems Can Count on Republicans to Be Weak When It Counts

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    Surge Summary: As the Ketanji Jackson Brown Supreme Court nomination/confirmation just demonstrated: Democrats can always count on Republicans – like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, in this instance – to go along with their Leftist agenda.

    by Robert Knight

    What part of a judge being soft on child porn offenders don’t they understand?

    Having embraced every perversion under the sun and proclaimed it all good, Democrats in the Senate predictably voted 50-0 on Thursday to affirm Ketanji Brown Jackson’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

    That would include Joe Manchin. The senator from West Virginia has stood in the gap against some of the Democrats’ worst schemes like “Build Back Better.” But he would not break ranks on this seriously questionable Biden nominee.

    It’s actually surprising that 47 Republicans had the backbone to vote against her, what with her fulfilling a promised quota regardless of any other considerations.

    As for the three Republicans who voted to seat Ms. Jackson – Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska – they are the usual GOP weak sisters who get strokes for “bipartisanship” at a critical moment.

    What’s wrong with putting Judge Jackson on the highest court of the land? For starters, there’s her feigned ignorance of biological sex, a lengthy record of overturned rulings, her stated neutrality on whether we have “natural rights” from God, and her bizarre softness for sex offenders.

    As Texas Sen. Ted Cruz noted, her sentencing in child porn possession cases was abysmal – 57 percent more lenient than the national average. In the most serious cases, those involving distribution of child porn, she averaged 47 percent more lenient sentences.

    She also asked while on the U.S. Sentencing Commission whether there could be “a less-serious child pornography offender who is engaging in the type of conduct in the group experience level because their motivation is the challenge, or to use the technology.” Say what?

    She wondered if “the people who are in this … find status in their participation in the community, but would be categorized as nonsexually motivated” and that she had “mistakingly assumed that child pornography offenders are pedophiles.”

    Sure. They’re just “collectors” who enjoy seeing children raped.

    Last week, The New York Post reported that Jackson had given a slap on the wrist to a man who had raped his 13-year-old niece, been convicted, and then failed to register as a sex offender.

    Prosecutors asked Judge Jackson to sentence him to two years for the registration violation. Instead, she sentenced him to 12 months, including time served, and he got out after five months. A little over a year later, he was charged with another sexual assault.

    Several Republican senators including Mr. Cruz, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Mike Lee of Utah and Tom Cotton of Arkansas, decried Ms. Jackson’s soft spot for sex offenders, something that doesn’t seem to bother the three squish Republicans.

    The Republican Party has long had a cache of quislings who abet liberal assaults on the moral and civil order. Mr. Romney actually marched in a Black Lives Matter protest.  BLM is a Marxist-founded, Democrat organization that demonizes white people and cops and wants to do away with the nuclear family.

    Mr. Romney also presided over the creation of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. As governor, he threatened to fire clerks who wouldn’t issue such licenses even before the law was changed. You might say he greased the skids for the Supreme Court’s autocratic ruling in 2015 overturning all state marriage laws.

    When Republicans do things like this, they earn “strange new respect” from the permanent Washington elites.

    On April 2, Never Trumper Peggy Noonan, whose praise of Barack Obama in 2008 helped him against GOP candidate John McCain, wrote a flattering retrospective in the Wall Street Journal about Richard Nixon’s conceding the 1960 election to John F. Kennedy.

    Nixon lost only because of flagrant, obvious vote fraud in Chicago and Texas. Many, including President Eisenhower, urged him to challenge the results, but Mr. Nixon declined.

    Presiding in the Senate over the certification of JFK’s election, Vice President Nixon admonished “those who lose” to “accept the verdict and support those who win.”

    Ms. Noonan, who wrote this to smack Mr. Trump, swoons: “For once his colleagues gave that complicated man his due, with a standing ovation that wouldn’t stop until Nixon took a second bow.”

    Well, yes. Democrats won’t hesitate to hail Republicans who “lose gracefully.” In fact, to some that’s the GOP’s raison d’etre.

    Which is why the powers that be had to get rid of Donald Trump by any means, including a Russian collusion hoax abetted by the FBI and Big Tech, and a massive coverup of Biden family scandals.

    As for the Supreme Court, we’ll now likely have another radical jurist bending the law to advance America’s “transformation” into a socialist version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    This should motivate every liberty-loving American, especially parents, to join the fast-growing resistance working to take back our country from the corrupt ruling elites, which include weak-kneed Republicans.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Originally posted here.

    Image: Screen Shot: ABC News; https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/republicans-romney-murkowski-collins-vote-ketanji-brown-jackson/story?id=83884756

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    Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His website is http://www.roberthknight.com.

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