• Results of TX Special Election Confirm Voters Sending Message to Dems: Stop the Insanity!

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    Surge Summary: Results of a recent Texas special election are yet one more indicator the people of America are tired of the insanity Leftists are foisting on the nation – and are beginning to vote accordingly.

    by Robert Knight

    Last week’s special congressional election in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas is far more than a precursor to a probable Republican “wave” in November.

    Mexican-born, Christian conservative Republican Mayra Flores won what had been a Democrat-controlled seat for the past century. She campaigned on “God, family and country.”

    Her victory and other GOP gains in the area are sending shock waves through the Democrat Party, which thrives on race-based bribery. They figured Hispanics would always be in their pocket. In fact, they expected to keep power permanently via this fast-growing demographic – plus more vote fraud.

    While pundits chalked Mrs. Flores’ victory up to inflation, gas prices and empty shelves – and that was all part of it – there is a deeper explanation.

    Voters are saying, “Stop the insanity.”

    Mrs. Flores stands for patriotism, traditional values, limited government, law and order, the Second Amendment, and recognition that our rights come from God, not man. In short, she stands for sanity.

    So, South Texas voters are saying, in effect, stop serving us the Kool-Aid that government is our savior.

    Stop expanding government power, debt and taxes.

    Stop focusing on media-fed crises designed to distract us from the severe damage that Biden and his Democrats are inflicting on our country.

    Stop talking about disarming law-abiding American gun owners because of tragic, nutcase mass shootings.

    Stop ignoring the ongoing death toll in Democrat-run cities.

    Stop leaving our border wide open to millions of illegal immigrants, among whom are sex traffickers, drug dealers, MS-13 gang members and terrorists. Mrs. Flores, a mother of four, is the wife of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Go ahead, Democrats. Stamp “racist” on her forehead.

    While we’re at it, stop boasting about defending Ukraine’s sovereignty while refusing to defend America’s border.

    Stop using COVID-19 to manipulate the economy, kill election integrity safeguards and pave the way for mandatory vaccine “passports” and a social credit system like communist China’s.

    Stop schools from indoctrinating pupils in “woke” activism. Stop siccing the FBI on parents who speak out at school board meetings. Stop threatening, as Biden did this past week, to withhold federal lunch money if schools won’t push the LGBTQ agenda. Talk about a bully.

    Stop telling us that Drag Queen Story Hours are harmless fun for children. Stop empowering schools that keep parents in the dark while steering confused kids to cross-dress and change their names.

    Stop plying vulnerable children with dangerous, puberty-blocking drugs, followed by cross-sex hormones (also dangerous) and surgically removing healthy sexual organs. This is madness. It’s criminal. Stop it.

    Stop saying that America is uniquely and systemically racist. Stop whipping up hatred of white people. Stop trying to start a race war. Stop tearing down statues and renaming everything.

    Stop crippling the fossil fuel industry, which has lifted billions out of poverty. Stop pretending that we can safely destroy America’s energy independence before “green” alternatives are anywhere near ready.

    Stop driving us toward an economy dependent on Communist China, which controls 80 percent of the rare earth minerals needed for windmills, solar panels, and batteries for those fabulous, $50,000 electric cars.

    Stop blaming Vladimir Putin for Biden’s energy disaster and record inflation. Both were soaring before Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Everybody knows this.

    Stop criminalizing dissent. Stop using the term “election deniers,” an obvious ploy to associate skeptics with “Holocaust deniers.”

    Stop pretending that unborn babies aren’t human beings. Stop equating disagreement with “hate.”

    Stop looking the other way as leftist terrorists firebomb or vandalize as many as 29 crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life groups and churches while the Biden Administration yawns.

    Stop encouraging mobs to hound Supreme Court judges at their homes. It’s a federal offense. A nut tried to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh. For days, Nancy Pelosi held up funding for additional security.

    A group called “Ruth Sent Us” promises more violence. They publicized the address of Amy Coney Barrett’s church and the religious school where she sends her kids. Is New York Democrat Sen. Chuck (“You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price”) Schumer happy now?

    Stop pretending that Americans care only about the Democrats’ televised January 6 Soviet-style show trial. Stop lying to us that this is “bipartisan” because two anti-Trump Republicans are in on it.

    For that matter, stop vilifying Mr. Trump and millions who support his policies, tweets or not.

    Stop punishing people merely for asking why the 2020 murderous BLM/Antifa race riots have been shoved down a memory hole labeled “peaceful protests.”

    Stop – right now – the new Disinformation Governance Board (i.e., Ministry of Truth) at the Department of Homeland Security. This is America, not China, Cuba or North Korea. At least, not yet.

    Yes, we need to stop the insanity. Conservatives like Mrs. Flores and action-oriented Republican governors in Texas, Florida and Virginia are showing the way.

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    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Originally posted here.

    Image: Image Adapted from: Dyversions from Pixabay; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/mental-health-mental-illness-women-1420801/ 

    Robert Knight is a columnist for the Washington Times and a senior fellow for Bishop E.W. Jackson’s Staying True to America’s National Destiny (STANDamerica.us). Mr. Knight’s website is roberthknight.com.

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