• Rush Out and Buy an Electric Car? Ummm, One Person’s Recent Experience Says ‘Don’t!’

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    Surge Summary: There are lots of reasons to think twice before immediate ditching your gas-powered automobile and switching over to an electric vehicle – as demonstrated by a recent cross country trip using one.

    by Larry Tomczak

    While president of the student body at Cleveland State University, I led the initiative for a healthy environment. Stopping pollution, cleaning up Lake Erie and raising awareness were top priorities.

    As a Christian the Bible directs us to be stewards of the earth (Gen.1:28). So, should we believe the Biden/Buttigieg Global Warming game plan emphasizing buying an electric vehicle?The Bible tells us to “test all things; hold fast what is good.” (1Thess. 5:21). Pain sharpens perception as gas prices have gotten our attention. Recently the Biden Administration’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, said “Families who buy electric vehicles never have to worry about gas prices again!” Biden’s goal is “50% of U.S. car sales be electric vehicles by 2030”. Green New Deal zealots are ecstatic.

    Not So Fast

    Less than 6% of new sales are EV and with 250 million cars on the road less than 1% are electric (Reuters Report: “The Long Road to Electric Cars”). Climate alarmists desperately want to do whatever they can to accelerate things. Seventeen million new cars are sold yearly and Pew Research shows “Half of American adults say they are unlikely to seriously purchase an electric vehicle.” With skyrocketing gas prices and inflation, telling folks to go out and get an EV is like telling a struggling renter, “Just go buy a house!”Is it coincidental that gas and inflation are strangely being cited as reasons to reject fossil fuels and get with the Green New Deal agenda?

    All this began when Biden caved to Climate Change activists and from day one halted the XL Pipeline and instituted new restrictions on harvesting oil. This strangled our energy industry and launched escalating prices from gas companies, truckers, supermarkets, retail stores and restaurants trapped in the supply and demand disaster.

    Multitudes suspect this unfolding debacle is part of the radicalized Democrat Party’s plan to topple our free market capitalist society and transform it into a socialist system.

    We’re told to “bite the bullet” and get with Big Government’s game plan
    emphasizing solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles (primarily powered by batteries made in Communist China!).

    Are you ready to jump on board with Biden, Buttigieg, Al Gore, AOC, Pelosi and the rest of the “One World Government” social engineers?

    I Tried an Electric Car

    Recently a Wall Street Journal reporter, Rachel Wolfe, engaged in an experiment regarding electric vehicles. Her article was enlightening, “I Rented an Electric Car for a 4 Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping.” [6/3/22 WSJ]

    Rachel and a friend chronicled their experience trying out a new Kia EVG driving from New Orleans to Chicago. They wanted to test the vehicle and the public charging infrastructure. It was an unpleasant experience.

    Some of their problems were similar to issues other EV owners share.

    1. Shorter driving range than anticipated resulting in “range anxiety.”

    2. Under-delivery at charging stations.

    3. Challenges with charging cords.

    4. Scarcity of charging stations.

    5. Wasted hours waiting to access charging stations.

    6. Charging times (fully) – 2 to 3 hours.

    7. Unanticipated battery drains due to changing highway speeds and differing altitudes.

    8. Deceptive advertising promising “fast charges” that were inaccurate resulting in

    loss of hotel reservations.

    9. Delays resulting in consuming lots of unwanted calories from junk food due to extended waiting periods.

    10. Sacrificing sleep (just 4 hours on last night) having to check out early from hotel

    to make up time.

    Other electric vehicle owners share what I’d call the “BIG ONE”: What do you do with inevitable vicissitude/unexpected occurrences along the way? An accident causing a backup. Road construction slowing and delaying traffic. Inclement weather causing slow moving traffic.  It’s one thing when you discover your charger drained with a shaver, mower or iPhone but it’s another when it happens on the highway… alone… at night… stuck in the middle of nowhere. Gulp.

    The Epoch Times recently reported (7/11/22):

    • #1 reason not to buy EV – charging logistics
    • #2 reason – miles EV can go
    • #3 reason – cost
    • #4 reason – no financial incentives

    J.D. Powers reported: EV and plug-in hybrids have more problems (6/28/22 Epoch Times).

    What’s in Your Wallet?

    What about the expense, especially in times of unbelievable economic uncertainty? Pete Buttigieg (who is wealthy and aspires to be president) may not think twice about spending $50,000 – $60,000 for an electric vehicle but in these shaky times is that wisdom? It was hilarious that right after “Mayor Pete” posed with his new EV all “charged up and ready to go” Ford recalled all of his model with a defect in the “battery contactor.”
    Also charging is not free – there are fees. Repairs/replacements are still necessary for essentials like batteries, blades, tires, brakes, etc. and you can’t simply go to your “local shop” as electric vehicles require specific maintenance and service procedures with high standards.

    On the positive side, electric cars should save people money in the long run in addition to helping develop a cleaner environment. They have zero emissions, don’t need oil changes and probably are best for shorter travel around town versus longer trips.

    The Kelley Blue Book said the average price of a new EV was about $55,000 as of November last year. There are some basic models for $30,000 – $40,000 (be aware that additional “items” add considerable cost to the base price!); some SUVs and pick up trucks come in at around $40,000 and up; and, there are nicer models from $45,000 to $100,000.

    Count the Cost

    Jesus instructed us in any venture to “count the cost” (Lk. 14:28). We should never operate out of fear which Climate Change/Green New Deal zealots capitalize upon (I encourage you to read “10 Reasons to Reject Al Gore’s Phony Baloney Climate Sequel”).

    We are to “owe no man anything” (Rom. 13:8) so we shouldn’t go into debt nor hope for government handouts making us more dependent upon them which is what “progressive” socialists want! Brian Deese, Biden’s National Economic Council Director, said on June 30, 2022: “High gas prices are part of the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm.”

    Here’s the deal: Examining the track record of Biden, Buttigieg and their Big Government band, I prefer to wait and watch how technology will make improvements with electric vehicles before I would ever take the plunge. In the meantime, pray that God has mercy on our nation and gives us godly leaders to lead us into a cleaner future where even China and India (the two worst polluters in the world) do their part.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

    Image: https://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/news/electric-cars-charging-station-shortage-situation

    Larry Tomczak

    Larry Tomczak, with over 45 years of trusted ministry experience, has trained leaders and planted dozens of churches in the U.S. and abroad. He’s the author of 10 books including the 1/4 million bestseller “Clap Your Hands!” and the innovative, video-supplemented “Bullseye Challenge” which develops informed influencers in 30 days. His weekly commentaries reach millions on Charisma News, World Net Daily, Barbwire, The Christian Post, ChurchGrowth.org and Intercessors for America. He’s a speaker for professional sports teams and currently seen on the major Christian TV networks and heard weekly on “InfoAmerica” broadcasts.

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