• When All These Things Are Happening … Time to Prepare, Respond …

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    Surge Summary: When lots of bad things happen – as is occurring all around us at this juncture – it is time to wake up, take things very seriously and take steps to prepare yourself for a wise and proper reaction.

    by Allan Erickson

    When big government, big pharma, big tech, big globalists, big finance, woke corporations and the CCP collude to destroy your life, you might want to pay attention.

    When fascists, acting like fascists, call you a fascist, then you might realize fascism is in.

    When the school board teaches your kids to hate their country and embrace sexual irresponsibility, threatening you if you object, then you might be living under dictatorship.

    When the attorney general calls you a domestic terrorist for being a responsible parent wanting to have input into your child’s education, then you might be tasting tyranny.

    When teachers tell you that you have no right to hold them accountable in any way, then you might be targeted for special treatment down the road.

    When revisionist history and judicial activism combine to destroy truth and justice, then you might be looking at serious jail time for merely expressing an opinion.

    When legally working to amend the Constitution for the betterment of all becomes treasonous, then you may wish to hire an attorney just to remain a citizen.

    When the federal government coordinates with social media to censor any and all pandemic information which contradicts officialdom, you might be slaves without recourse.

    When journalism becomes an arm of the state, you may be forced to find reporters risking death to tell the truth.

    When the government rounds up doctors to become agents of the state, the government in charge of your medical decisions, then you might be wise to see concentration camps under construction.

    When the government can lock you down, destroy your business, eliminate your ability to earn a living and force you to take a dangerous ‘vaccine,’ then you might consider the work of the Beast.

    When you refuse to be Woke, then you might have in future a chip under your skin.

    When government controls the rain, the food supply, the land and the sea, then you have zero self-determination, and soon, zero freedom.

    When climate science is twisted and weaponized, the storm clouds of global authoritarianism may be gathering.

    When pastors are thrown in jail for exercising their God-given rights to free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom to assemble and freedom of religion, then you might be seeing the beginnings of a new holocaust.

    When churches put the world ahead of the Lord, then the Evil One gains the advantage.

    When relativism becomes religion, then all bets are off.

    When the radical, communist Left openly threatens your life sponsoring all manner of violence nationwide, then be counted among the disposable.

    When the feds routinely ignore the Constitution, violate your rights, jail you without charges for months, hold you in solitary for no reason, and destroy your life for protesting a fraudulent election, you might be a serf headed for the Gulag.

    When a president accuses 75 million conservative voters of being fascists merely for holding to tradition or disagreeing with him, then you might be witnessing the end of the republic.

    When a president uses the DOJ as his personal spy and law enforcement army to harass, threaten, investigate and jail political opponents, then you might be experiencing a new form of Soviet justice.

    When the FBI conspires with the Russians and the Hillary campaign in league with thousands of Obama operates to use the power of the federal government to spy on and destroy the Trump campaign using dirty tricks Nixon would shun, then you might be under the thumb of outright evil.

    When 30 federal agents raid a former President’s home on the most flimsy pretense, we might be already under the boot of the police state.

    When 50 senior members of the former President’s administration are raided, searched, detained, questioned and abused by federal law enforcement just prior to a huge election, the right to vote and the right to the presumption of innocence just might be at grave risk.

    When you behold powerful American officials bend the knee to the Chinese, helping the CCP at every turn in its quest to rule the world, then you may rightly assume there are no restraints, which means we may be on the eve of destruction.

    When the Administrative State runs every aspect of your life and elites plot global governance, then you might consider fighting back instead of becoming livestock awaiting the box car.

    When the executive branch purposefully destroys the economy and imports millions of illegal aliens from more than 100 countries, breaking the law and putting citizens at risk, you may be seeing an invasion sponsored by global elites.

    When you proclaim Christ, then you might study up on what the Bible has to say about the end times and the fate of many who confront evil.

    When murdering babies is called a sacrament, the abomination of desolation has arrived.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Public Domain; https://picryl.com/media/flaggwakeupamerica-7c623e

    Allan Erickson – Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012. 

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