• Biden Just Celebrated His 80th Birthday – And, Yes, It’s Time for Him to Resign

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    Surge Summary: Joe Biden’s obvious mental diminishment really is a problem: he’s the President of the United States; his responsibilities are huge. It is time for him to step aside. 

    by Larry Tomczak
    After the midterms, Joe Biden fielded a question from a reporter who cited 75% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction so would he be doing anything differently?

    Joe responded that he’ll do nothing differently and that the overwhelming majority of Americans support his economic agenda. “I’m confident these policies are working and that we’re on the right track.” Projecting confidence, he said his intention is to run again! Pelosi told ABC, “He should run again as he’s accomplished so much.”

    I don’t have any crystal ball but I submit my appeal for Joe Biden’s resignation. His grade is “F” attempting to govern and he has no real accomplishments. Things will only get worse (I’m not rooting for this, only expressing the brutal reality).

    The midterm election was not a victory for Dems but sadly neither was it the hoped for repudiation. It was a mixed verdict but going forward Biden will be neutered with Pelosi gone and the power of the purse back under conservative control.

    Almost 70% of Americans reject Biden’s aviator “Top Gun” image and don’t want him to run again. The economy collapsed, there’s catastrophic crime, a fentanyl epidemic, chaos at the border, runaway inflation, a deepening recession, skyrocketing interest rates, increasing cultural rot and corruption in government and the media. Top it off with Biden’s obvious cognitive decline and it all spells one thing: whether in weeks or months, Joe’s gotta’ go.

    My Assessment Last Year

    Decades ago, there was a blockbuster bestseller called ‘The Peter Principle’ by Lawrence Peter. The book made people uncomfortable because it emphasized a profound but painful principle: people tend to advance based on their success in previous positions until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent.
    Joe Biden is not a problem solver. He’s incompetent and harming America. He’s embarrassing, bumbling through teleprompter speeches. Clint Eastwood said it best: “A man’s gotta’ know his limitations.”

    Leaders do resign. Nixon. Cuomo. Palin. Gorbachev. Tony Blair. Pope Benedict.” [Great Britain had two this year].

    Callous disregard for human beings created in the image of God, whether at the border, in the womb, from fentanyl (100,000) or from the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal requires accountability. Blood is on Biden’s hands.

    Four areas bring this sad reality home so he can bow out while Democrat operatives strategize behind the scenes to frame it that he “served his country but will resign for reasons of health.”

    Four Factors

    1. MENTAL

      The Bible instructs us to, “comfort the feebleminded, support the weak” (1 Thess. 5:14 KJV). It’s difficult but necessary as people age and lose cognitive ability like we’re witnessing with Biden in spite of a sympathetic media covering for him and his handlers concealing his condition (as was done with Woodrow Wilson after his stroke). He barely campaigned under the cover of Covid but he can’t hide now and grueling campaigning is not an option.

      When my father died we welcomed my mother into our home for seven years and honored her as scripture directs and Jesus modeled with Mary at the Cross. I know dementia first hand as mom’s memory faded, she struggled communicating and often greeted me as “Stanley” (her husband).

      This is a delicate issue requiring compassion but we can no longer “duck the issue” as he turns 80. 332 million lives are at stake with an individual who is considered the most powerful person on the planet. Our Constitution makes provision for such a time as this.

    It’s not about politics it’s a matter of competency and ability to carry out the extraordinary demands of a job requiring clarity in communicating, indefatigable energy, focus, weighty decision making, travel, stress and possession of nuclear codes that can literally result in an apocalyptic end of civilization.

    Biden’s recent statements and behavior aren’t merely embarrassing, they’re frightening. He’s had two brain aneurysms; displays regular neurological difficulties; Obama’s former White House physician stated he’s convinced Joe’s cognitive decline is serious; and, while there are levels of dementia, many specialists say he’s in a diminished state disqualifying him from continuing.

    2. MANCHIN

    Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is representative of a number of Democrat leaders distancing themselves from Biden and daring to bring needed criticism. When Biden said in West Virginia of all places that “coal plants all across America will be shut down… It’s going to become a wind generation!” Manchin was outraged and demanded Mr. Biden immediately apologize for the irresponsible remarks. “They are divorced from reality and ignore the severe economic pain the American people are feeling because of rising energy costs!”

    Fact: Biden was an unwelcome visitor for almost all Dem candidates during midterm elections.

    1. MUSK

      Elon Musk, influential entrepreneur who now owns Twitter, is inspiring business people and people from all walks of life to courageously speak out, exercising their freedom of speech to counter cancel culture intimidation. With 115 million followers he’s energizing previously silent Americans to be bold and not sit on the sidelines. Recently he brought more bad omens to Biden when he encouraged Independent voters to vote Republican!


      As Hollywood director Rob Reiner used the typical Democrat tactic from their playbook to scare minorities telling them, “Republicans are literally willing to kill to get power,” the Wall Street Journal published a nationwide poll showing a seismic paradigm shift among Blacks and Hispanics rejecting Biden and his agenda to increasingly look to Republicans who are making serious inroads into the Dem’s base.

      This sent shockwaves through the Democrat party as they saw the stats that the GOP has among Blacks double the support from 2020 and Hispanics were departing Democrats for the GOP in large numbers, now tied in a dead heat.

    If this trend continues, it’s resignation time for Biden who in the past has enjoyed overwhelming support from these minorities through constant giveaways and covering up his party’s historical racist support for slavery, segregation and lynching.

    Here’s the deal: It’s recorded in the Bible (Daniel 5) regarding another leader, the “handwriting was on the wall” that “God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it… You have been weighed in the balance and are found wanting” (v. 26-7). I personally believe this applies to Biden who needs to resign himself to his fate and not strut about boasting of his imagined “success.”

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Joe_Biden_%2849405118516%29.jpg

    Larry Tomczak

    Larry Tomczak, with over 45 years of trusted ministry experience, has trained leaders and planted dozens of churches in the U.S. and abroad. He’s the author of 10 books including the 1/4 million bestseller “Clap Your Hands!” and the innovative, video-supplemented “Bullseye Challenge” which develops informed influencers in 30 days. His weekly commentaries reach millions on Charisma News, World Net Daily, Barbwire, The Christian Post, ChurchGrowth.org and Intercessors for America. He’s a speaker for professional sports teams and currently seen on the major Christian TV networks and heard weekly on “InfoAmerica” broadcasts.

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