• Big Profits: Investigative Journalist Exposes Transgender Industry’s Lucrative Experimenting on Children

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    Surge Summary: The “transgender” industry is making huge profits providing cross-sex hormones to confused children and performing mutilating surgeries on individuals who think they are actually the opposite gender. Shocking accounts of these atrocities will only be increasing.

    by The Ruth Institute

    The latest Dr. J Show features Brandon Showalter, the lead reporter for The Christian Post on transgenderism, or as he calls it, “One of the worst medical scandals the world has ever seen.”

    “Families are torn apart by this. It’s like a bomb goes off inside a home… Social contagion is very clearly evident… Girls having double mastectomies is all the rage now. They post pictures of their chest scars on Instagram. That’s how parents find out about it.”

    “You would think, ‘Do no harm,’ but no. There’s this whole cottage industry that they’re shepherding kids into. They’ve gotten cross-sex hormones from Planned Parenthood. That’s how they’re making money now… They like to say there’s a big mental health examination before you get these hormones. No. I’ve talked with people who have gotten it on the spot.”

    Brandon uncovered eight-year-old girls getting cross-sex hormones through federal funding. “They’re experimenting with children. When I saw that, I thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head. It was one of those gut-wrenching moments when I knew I had to report something extremely difficult, but the public had to know about it… Testosterone given to eight-year-old girls… It’s unconscionable.”

    Brandon also shares about a “trans” man who was “the most tormented soul I’ve ever talked to… The carnage of what they did to this poor man’s body was terrible.” The man eventually realized, too late, that it was all a lucrative scam.

    “People are going to have to get accustomed to hearing about these horrible things because unless they’re exposed to the grisly realities of what goes on in these surgical centers, the atrocities are never going to stop.”

    Watch the full interview, but be warned: this video contains gut-wrenching stories and graphic images of actual trans surgeries.

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    Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay 

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