• One NFL Coach Down, More Probably to Come … And Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week 10

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    Surge Summary: Pigskin Pundit presents his forecasts for the National Football League’s contests, week #10 – and predicts more head coaches will soon be given their walking papers.

    by Pigskin Pundit (Nathan Clark)

    The Reich has fallen.  The Colts cut bait Monday morning and jettisoned their head coach in the first of what will likely be numerous dismissals in the coming weeks.  Reich’s Colts went 0-14 on 3rd downs Sunday against a mediocre Patriots team, and the coach made no visible adjustments nor seemed to have any answers.  It was illustrative of a pattern, and he is probably relieved to be relieved, honestly.  Indy is a hot mess along with its addled owner, and Cinderella coach Jeff Saturday gets to try and glue the pieces back together.  Every day is Saturday in Indy, from now on.  Green Bay has burned to the ground, with that loss to Detroit.  Surreal, how this team has completely crumbled, and I’m adding LaFleur to my list of fireable head coaches, because he insists on ignoring the one strength he has (running game) and keeps calling the same plays that have produced a 3-6 record.  Rodgers’ HOF career is going to end in ignoble fashion.  I went 8-5, and stand at 83-53 for the season (61%).  Here’s the picks.

    Falcons at Panthers –Dirty Birds head for the Dirty Cats this Thursday.  Baker Mayfield’s emergence last week and pretty good play could not win him the start this week, so Carolina is still in a total state of flux.  Arthur Smith will want to pound the rock mercilessly, and that’s his best chance to pull a win out of Bad Charlotte.  Run ‘til you’re done, throw when you must.  A win puts Atlanta back atop the NFC South, so they need no other motivation.  Peaches plunk the pitch-black pussycats.

    Seahawks at Buccaneers – The NFL invades Germany this week, and the streaking Seahawks are looking to maintain their division lead by stripping Tampa of theirs.  With Lockett, Metcalfe and Fant flying high and the misnamed Kenny Walker doing anything BUT walk at ground level, the Squawks’ offense is explosive.  Their weak defense has been playing much better the last four weeks, so they are finding their way as a team.  Tom Brady had a throwback week with his record-setting fourth quarter win last week, also eclipsing 100,000 career passing yards.  Still, his pirates have been less than barbary this year, Mike Evans has come down with butterfingers, and the run game has been quiet.  One ‘Aargh’ moment was Vita Vea sacking Matt Stafford twice.  We’ll see if he can give Geno Smith a taste of Munich mud this week.  Pete Carroll believes in his team, and I’m beginning to believe in Pete Carroll….Buccaneers buckle while Seahawks soar where eagles dare….Auf wiedersehen!

    Vikings at Bills – What a great game, especially if Josh Allen plays (looking that way).  Minnesota is playing well, has a balanced air & ground attack they know how to use, and they will get after the QB.  Diggs is facing his old club, and he is fully integrated as a Bill if you listen to him.  Peterson is the Purple protector who will draw the Diggs assignment, but the rest of O’Connell’s d-backs are vulnerable, especially against a rifle arm like Allen’s.  Gabe Davis, Isaiah MacKenzie and Dawson Knox will be tough to cover away from the Diggs matchup.  Too tough, in my mind.  Vikings invade but the Bills get paid.

    Lions at Bears – Lions and tigers and Bears, oh my!  I have no idea who will win this one, but Da Bears are trending upwards as their shiny new QB seems to improve with each game.  Victory over Green Bay notwithstanding, I still see Campbell getting tossed sooner than later as HC.  The Lions can never seem to overcome themselves, as a losing culture still pervades the organization.  Their trouble containing Jalen Hurts bodes ill for this matchup.  Chicago is weaker on D than they were two weeks ago with Smith and Quinn’s departures, so Detroit may find opportunities in Windy City.  Bears take care of the lair.

    Jaguars at Chiefs – The Jags believe they have a chance this Sunday against the Chiefs in Kansas City….and they are alone on that island.  They have played better of late, with Long Locks Lawrence taking better care of the ball and getting some nice yardage in without gifting the ball away to the opposition, whether they have been naughty or nice.  Etienne has three hundred-yard games in a row, which is nice balance and takes some of the pressure off Trevor’s arm.  They are playing the Chiefs, who continue to prove that they are one of two teams firmly atop the AFC, in close games or blowouts.  While KC’s pass defense is a liability, it is less so if opposing teams can’t get the ball back.  Jaguars try to claw their way to victory, but instead get bagged and tagged by Spags.

    Browns at Dolphins – Cleveland…will be Cleveland.  Play hard, hand it to Nick the Quick a lot, pressure the other QB, and see what happens.  Well, what happens is you lose to a Miami team that has outstanding wideouts, a beefed-up run game, a solid QB and their sights set on overtaking Buffalo.  Cleveland will come to play – but Miami will come to win.  Oranges get squeezed in Florida this week.

    Texans at Giants – Houston has a few bright spots in an otherwise bleak landscape of players.  Pierce does exactly that to defenses when he gets the pig, Brandin Cooks up highlight film catches, and Jerry Hughes likes to make opposing QB pockets seem like kill zones.  Houston’s rookie deep defenders Pitre and Stingley are looking like studs.  By now we know who the Giants are, with Barkley shredding defenses, Danny Jones’ emergence as a dual-threat of arm and legs typical of today’s rising QB style, and a ‘barbarians at the gate’ pass rush.  Both teams struggle defending the run, so this will be interesting…for a while.  Then NY will pull away and continue their pursuit of Philly.  Big Blue bruises the bulls.

    Saints at Steelers – Saints can score, and Kamara is a difficult force to shut down.  Taysom Hill also presents a challenge because of the uncertainty of whether he will throw, run or both.  We know the Red Relic will throw a pick or two, but he is opposed by Kenny Pick-it, who’s byline so far is ‘Which uniforms am I throwing to, again?’  Five picks in this game doesn’t even exercise the imagination.  TJ ‘Mega’ Watt is back, and he can tip a game in his favor quickly.  Who wins?  I’ll throw my beads to the Saints in this one.

    Broncos at Titans – The rested Broncs face the Titans, who just took KC to OT.  It’s trite and hackneyed to say Derek Henry is a force of nature hauling the ball….and entirely true.  He gashed the Chiefs for 118 yards and 2 td’s last week.  Denver has a stout D, even with the departure of Bradley Chubb to Miami, but stopping Henry is something no team has done well, for years.  Tannehill may be ready this week, which would be huge considering Malik Willis’ lack of development as a rookie.  The Titans are a resourceful team that hides their weaknesses well, while exploiting the ultimate power running game in the league.  They may be a one-trick pony, but you still have to stop that one trick.  Denver won’t.  Tennessee Titans their hold on the AFC South, while the Broncos fade further off the pace.

    Colts at Raiders – Pick your poison here.  Jeff Saturday has never coached.  Josh McDaniels is flaming out for the second time as a head coach, and facing the team he left at the altar.  IF…Jonathan Taylor is back this week and IF…Saturday restores Matty Heismann under center, Indy has an excellent chance to let their crunchy defense stifle Vegas while the offense slaps enough points on the board.  If either of these guys is still out hurt, it tilts the field the other way.  My guess is Ehlinger gets the nod, so I will take Vegas, even though it’s like being told to eat my turnips.  Don’t like it much, but gotta pick someone.  I’ll take the Raiders, but my heart hopes the Colts cash in their chips and break the house this week.  Had enough of the McDaniels experiment.

    Cowboys at Packers – This used to be a great rivalry.  Forget it.  The Packers have buried themselves this season, so all other teams have to do is dance on their grave, apparently.  Dallas is a house afire chasing Philly, and nothing about the ghost of Green Bay is going to dehorse the Cowboys.  Hang ‘em high, Dakota.  Oh-wee-oh-wee-ohh…..wah wah wah.

    Cardinals at Rams – Welcome to the Battle for Last Place.  The Rams look gassed on offense.  No run game, no O-line, only Kupp catching (or seeing) spins from Staffie’s arm.  Speaking of Stafford, he’s Two-Face from Batman, splitting his TD throws equally with his INTs.  So many problems to fix for the reigning champs, we are wondering where that team holding the trophy went so quickly.  The Cardinals are even more dysfunctional where it matters, as their defense is nearly invisible.  Murray the Flurry has left opposing teams guessing with his mobility, and his own team guessing with his fumbles.  This is a good game to not watch, you ask me.  Cards fold while Rams hold.

    Chargers at Niners – Dicker the kicker was able to stick ‘er, causing Atlanta fans’ tickers to flicker.  The Falcons thought they had that game, and for most of it, they did.  Pro football is a 60-minute effort, and the second you take your foot off the gas when the other team is still within striking range, you hand them the momentum that gave you your lead.  That said, the Bolts are beat up still, and these are limping wins.  The Niners are rested and reinforced (CMC) this week, at home and needing a win to chase Pete Carroll’s improbable Squawks.  Miner Niners give the Chargers a shiner.

    Commanders at Eagles – MNF Mismatch.  Yes, Washington has been feisty with the reemergence of Taylor Heinicke, and the plucky Commanders have been in recent games right to the end.  They get great pressure on opposing QBs, have a decent receiver corps and run game.  Here comes your wakeup slap…..it’s the EAGLES, man!  No losses, no visible weaknesses, MVP-candidate in Jalen Hurts, Myles ‘Colonel’ Sanders sporting a 5.5 YPC average, D-line that handed out 26 sacks in 8 games (ouch!), starting CBs with the lowest combined QB-rating in the NFL.  How do you attack this team, when they’re so busy attacking you first?  The battleship that IS Philadelphia sinks Ron’s Riverboat.  BOOOM!…..gurgle…….

    Enjoy the games, and thank every Veteran you see!

    -Pigskin Pundit (Nathan Clark)

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/; https://www.stockvault.net/photo/203625/american-football

    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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