• Decades of ‘Rich Young Rulers’ Searching for Meaning, Rejecting Truth Have Produced Today’s Devastating Crises …

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    Surge Summary: From the 1960s until today, frustrated and empty Americans have shaped events such that they’ve arrived at the present, egregious state. Political change can be generated, but only Jesus Christ can heal this land.

    by Allan Erickson

    “ . . . it is always observable, that those who are combin’d to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every art to poison their Morals.”  Samuel Adams

    In the 40s and 50s it was the Beat Generation. Basement night clubs. Jazz. Poetry. Dark attitudes. Hipsters, and hopelessness, anger and anarchy.

    Then came the Rock ‘n Rollers in the 50s and 60s, self-indulgent, rebellious, the counter culture, the back to nature movement, communes, free love, kill your parents, hate America, women’s liberation, race riots, anti-war protesters, anti-establishment across the board, massive drug use, entitlement, demands, the spoiled and self-absorbed.

    The adults in the room wrote it off as normal, youthful rebellion or a temporary insanity driven by external events.

    The churches emptied, or they replaced the Gospel with the Communist Manifesto. A “new” morality spread quickly, reinforced by mass media, academia, entertainment, in the arts and in government and other institutions. Exploiting both apathy and the new, very aggressive radicalism, a tiny minority established a beach head, invading the country to fight for change across the board.

    The sexual revolution gave rise to legalized abortion. All of a sudden, the most dangerous place for a human being was in the womb. It was called a reproductive right, the liberation of women from their biological prisons, sacred life treated like a disease.

    And our hearts turned to cold, hard stone.

    About the same time numerous other groups with a grudge erupted across the country: gay liberation, the Black Panthers, the Farm Workers Union, Students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, Green Peace, La Raza, Nation of Islam, and on and on.

    Meanwhile the gigantic majority remained mostly silent, unsure how to respond, stunned by the viciousness of it all.

    Everyone had a cause, protesting problems (real or conjured) without a care for solutions. The steady decline in morality and patriotism seemed a raging maelstrom without end.

    Our college chant in the 70s was: “Big deal, so what, who cares, why bother?!” After the war, people seemed mostly aimless so they turned to cocaine and disco, rich young rulers searching for meaning.

    During the Reagan years, hope was renewed. The Silent Majority spoke up, and for a time there was a return to traditional morality and patriotism.  But it was not to last.

    In the 90s, Bill Clinton taught young people that sexual responsibility was irrelevant, Cool was the rule. Ironically, sexual irresponsibility spread fatal diseases worldwide, and millions died.

    The Bushes catered to globalists, got us into ill-advised wars, shipped our jobs to China and gladly promoted a ‘new world order.’ And then the most anti-American, amoral individual became President, one Barack Hussein Obama, promising ‘fundamental transformation.’ And we got it . . .

    Thanks to the radicalism of the ever vicious American left, for all intent and purpose, Obama is still President. The Left is openly proclaiming a right to dictate what you think, how you feel, the way you speak, and the set of beliefs you are allowed to possess. If you use the wrong pronoun, you will be punished. If you refuse the jab, you are an enemy of the state. If you fail in any aspect of the Woke agenda the Gestapo will find you. You will be fired, silenced, sanctioned and persecuted.  If you object to grooming children for adult sexual recreation, you are the enemy. But you will never hear a word of protest about global trafficking and slavery, more prolific than ever.

    The growing police state will arrest you if you prevent your child from transitioning through castration and surgery.

    All restraint has been thrown off. No one is safe. Our enemies surround us. Our military is weak.

    The good news is—thanks to Donald Trump—growing numbers realize that political salvation is offered by populist/nationalism.  Yet too many actually think electric cars, AI and transhumanism are our salvation, failing to understand true salvation was purchased on a Cross, 2,000 years ago.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted @ ClashDaily.com.

    Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/question-question-mark-help-2309042/

    Allan Erickson – Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012. 

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