• Gruesome: Thirty Years Ago Incident Provoked Heated Debate About Spousal Abuse, Marital Rape

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    Surge Summary: The Lorena Bobbitt case which occurred three decades ago captured national attention and stirred up provocative questions related to spousal abuse and marital rape.

    by Andrew Linn

    This Friday will be the 30th anniversary of when Lorena Bobbitt cut off the penis of her husband John Wayne Bobbitt.

    John Wayne Bobbitt, a former Marine, married Lorena Gallo (an immigrant from Ecuador) in 1989.  But their marriage was turbulent, with John being physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive towards Lorena.  In addition, the couple struggled financially, a problem that John is said to have cared little about.

    Then on the night of June 23, 1993, John came home and sexually abused Lorena.  After he fell asleep, she took a knife from the kitchen and cut off his penis.  She then got in the car and drove off, taking the severed penis with her.  She soon threw his penis out the window and then called 911 to report the incident. The cops eventually found it, and it was taken to the hospital and reattached.

    I wonder how the cops reacted after being told they had to find a severed penis.

    Lorena was arrested and charged with malicious wounding, and her trial ended in her being acquitted by reason of insanity.  She was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

    John was charged with marital sexual assault but was also acquitted.

    The incident shed further light on the subject of spouse abuse (as well as marital rape), given the fact that a man’s penis had been cut off.  During the trial, I remember reading an article discussing similar incidents.  One incident involved a woman castrating her husband with a pair of scissors.  Another incident involved a woman pouring gasoline on her husband’s genitals and setting them on fire.

    The Bobbitts got divorced in 1995, but apparently, John did not learn his lesson when it came to treating women right, as well as viewing them as sex objects.  Less than a year after the incident, he was convicted for hitting his fiancée Kristina Elliott, a former stripper.  They later called off their engagement.  John was later convicted of theft.  He later married a woman named Joanne Ferrell but was later arrested for striking her.  They would eventually get divorced.  In 2014, John broke his neck in a traffic accident in Buffalo, New York.  It should be noted that he starred in a couple of pornographic films.

    Considering he was a former Marine, I wonder what the Marine Corps thinks of him.

    Lorena was later arrested for assaulting her mother in 1997 but was acquitted.  In 2008, she said she was in a relationship with a man named Dave Bellinger and that they had a daughter.

    Although it appears both John and Lorena had issues, John is most to blame due to his selfishness, drinking problems, and attitudes toward women.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted at Clashdaily.com

    Image: Screen Shot: Lorena Bobbit; John Wayne bobbit; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bukqVL-JOs&t=196s

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