• America Today Abandoning Founding Principles — but There’s Good News, Too … If ….

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    Surge Summary: Today’s America is tossing out so many of her “first principles” — which is breathtakingly dangerous. The good news is America still has a lot going for it … if the American people and their leaders will make right choices again and begin to turn things around.

    by Robert Knight

    Independence Day weekend is a good time to take America’s measure.

    The United States is the first nation created with secured rights derived from Nature and Nature’s God – not man. We grew rapidly and providentially into a world power with unrivaled liberty and wealth.

    Along the way, we endured a bloody Civil War and got rid of slavery. We defeated Nazism, Japanese imperialism and the Soviet Union. We’ve seen unprecedented material progress and such varied marvels as an end to polio and the introduction of digital timers to speed up the game of baseball.

    America’s accomplishments are amazing. But as a doctor might ask, how are we feeling today?

    Well, there’s good news and bad news, Doc. First, the bad.

    There’s a shocking amount of crime in our cities. Little children, mostly black, are being gunned down by mostly black gangs. And there’s too much weirdness. Who would have thought we would ever witness drag queens marching in New York City proclaiming, “We’re coming for your children?”

    Or see 100,000 overdose deaths annually from opiates like Chinese communist-sourced fentanyl? Or watch millions of illegal immigrants pour over the border and be shipped at taxpayer expense around the country?

    We also have corrupt, senile Joe Biden as president and a ruling elite openly at war with the half of the country that still believes in God, American exceptionalism and the Second and First Amendments. You know, the bitter clingers, as former President Obama might say.

    Speaking of Mr. Obama, I have a few questions. He is half-white, with slave holders on his mother’s side. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a Kenyan, presumably without at least American slaves in his background.

    If Democrat-concocted racial reparations are imposed, should Mr. Obama get a half share? What does he owe for being half-white? What about millions of multi-racial people? Would there be means-testing? Would multimillionaire Magic Johnson get checks extracted from white truck drivers and Hispanic landscapers?

    We can only hope the reparations racket fades away like the bumpy head “science” of phrenology.

    We also have a battered Constitution. It’s a beloved old, creaky truck that still runs despite gremlins in the engine. Proof that it still works came last Friday with two Supreme Court rulings that reinforced religious liberty, one that delegitimized reverse racism (affirmative action) and one that halts Joe Biden’s $400 billion vote buying scheme to shift student loan debt to taxpayers.

    On the down side, leftist legal warriors are working relentlessly to turn the most effective check on government power in history into a blank check for more government.

    Unfortunately, given the behemoth in Washington, D.C., they’ve had considerable success. As the late Joseph Sobran sardonically quipped, “the Constitution poses no threat to our current form of government.”

    Through court rulings and aggressive secularism, ruling elites have fashioned a de facto pagan culture that is metastasizing. They seem bent on building a modern-day Babylon where power and sensations are everything.

    Meanwhile, some folks who are supposed to be fighting for traditional values ignore the adage credited apocryphally to Thomas Jefferson: “In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

    Yesterday’s opponents of legalizing faux marriage now embrace Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner as a “conservative” and redraw the ever-moving line.

    In a podcast, Donald Trump Jr. declared, “If you’re an adult and you wanna be trans and you do it – great!… I actually don’t give a s—t. I’m fairly liberal on the issue.”

    There is a big problem “with declaring yesterday’s revolution against the natural order to be today’s conservatism,” Chronicles of Culture Politics Editor Pedro Gonzales wrote recently.

    Where we’re falling most short is in the spiritual realm, which we ignore at our own peril. Tossing an owner’s manual out the window and ignoring service checks leads to breakdowns. Yet, somehow we think we can do without the Bible, the fountainhead of inspiration for America’s founding and a timeless guide to living well.

    Now for some good news.

    Despite our problems, America is still America in many ways. We have “good bones” that include an ocean on each side of our continent, a moderate climate (most of the time), rich farmland and boundless natural resources. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and explosively innovative technology.

    We have hundreds of thousands of patriotic military families trying to ignore a woke brass in Washington. We have lots of immigrants who love America even more than native born folks.

    We have indoor plumbing, electricity, modern medicine and dentistry, an unrivaled food supply, millions of cars and trucks and the heritage of a self-governing republic. Compared to the rest of the world, our standard of living is off the charts.

    We also have a sizeable remnant of believers comprising all races and ethnicities who seem to be awakening like the proverbial sleeping giant.

    For some, the scales finally fell from their eyes when the Los Angeles Dodgers did their boneheaded embrace of the Catholic-mocking Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    The choice is fairly straightforward. We’re either going to be one nation under God or go the way of ancient Babylon, the ultimate pride-based empire that exported its perversities.

    Before its destruction in 539 BC, “Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord’s hand that made all the earth drunk,” the prophet Jeremiah warned. “The nations drank her wine. Therefore, the nations are deranged.”

    Here’s a question we might ponder while watching fireworks and parades: Will God keep blessing America?

    He just might if we clean up our act with His help.

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    Image: Adapted from: https://picryl.com/media/the-american-flag-is-lowered-at-fleet-hospital-5-during-operation-desert-shield-826e84

    Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His website is roberthknight.com

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