• Yay, Mom, Dad! Responsible Parents Show Up — Protest City’s Celebration of Deviancy, Perversion

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    Surge Summary: Scores of pro-family parents recently turned up at an Idaho “Pride” event, protesting the peddling of perversion to their city’s young people. Craven RINO pols, meanwhile, went along with the confused, troubling event. 

    by MassResistance

    In Rexburg, Idaho, over 100 local Idaho MassResistance parents came and protested at the June 10 “Pride Day” event, which was held in the main city park next to a popular playground. The main objection was using a public venue to expose children to the deviance – particularly Drag Queens – that this event has brought in the past.

    Earlier that week, more than 80 MassResistance parents had flooded into the recent City Council meeting to demand that the permit for the event be revoked and that a strong ordinance prohibiting lewd public acts be passed. But the RINO (and cowardly) City Council refused to even bring it up for discussion. There were also hundreds of anti-Drag Queen yard signs across the city to voice that demand.

    The event organizers reacted to that outrage by moving the scheduled “Drag Queen” performances to a private location in the evening and excluding minors from it, which was a win for MassResistance.

    But the Pride “celebration” was still steeped in deviance. It included sex kits being handed out, perverse Drag Queens, and other dysfunctional behavior — and lots of children. Outrageously, several local businesses participated in support as vendors. And it was gleefully attended by the city’s RINO mayor.

    Not surprisingly, the crowd of a few hundred pro-LGBT attendees appeared to be mostly from other places. That is a common LGBT tactic: bringing lots of people from elsewhere into conservative towns for events, to make it look as if it were well-attended by locals.

    The pro-family protesters were peaceful but completely unafraid. Though a few were assaulted by LGBT activists, they didn’t back down and definitely made their point!

    Sex kits for the attendees

    There was a booth distributing “sex kit” packets – which included various types of condoms, lubricant for anal sex, “dental dams” for lesbian sex, and information for treating the sexually-transmitted diseases which invariably come from that behavior.

    Drag Queens

    The two Drag Queens whose “performances” had been moved from the event still showed up and mingled with the crowds.

    Weirdness, hate, dysfunction

    Every “Pride” event has bizarre, dysfunctional, and purposefully offensive things.

    At one point, many of the participants did a “march” around the park. Almost none of these appeared to be local residents.

    Pro-family protesters cool off the event!

    Over 100 local MassResistance folks came to say “No” to this invasion of the community.

    The Left loves to “protest” pro-family events. They’re not used to having it happen to them!

    LGBT “enforcers”

    The event included a cadre of thug types (below) dressed in green and aqua shirts whose role seemed to be to intimidate pro-family people. We were told that two of them actually assaulted parents. But that didn’t work. None of our people were intimidated.

    Police protection

    The police seemed only interested in protecting the vulgar participants from “harm” – not the peaceful protesters from attacks by the LGBT crowd, or the children from anything.

    And of course, booths for mental health therapy

    One of the lesser-known aspects of the LGBT world is the large number of groups providing therapy for a variety of mental health issues. “Gay” newspapers often have multiple pages of such ads.  No other type of event (e.g., Irish, Hispanic, music, etc.) would have booths for this “service.”

    That evening, the Drag Queen performance in a public theater

    At 8:30 in the evening at a city-owned theater, the Drag Queens did their “performances” which had previously been scheduled for the daytime event. Maybe 80 people showed up. It looked like almost all of them were from out of town.

    Final thoughts

    According to the local Idaho MassResistance people, this was a big win! It got the Drag Queen performances away from kids and raised awareness across town like never before.

    The politicians and others got a very strong message – and that pressure will continue. There is also talk about boycotting those local vendors.

    All through June, “Pride Month” themes and events are being pushed as publicly as possible – and people are being intimidated from criticizing it. The goal is to force their anti-family LGBT agenda into a community’s social, moral, and religious civic culture. But local MassResistance families are pushing back. It’s necessary for everyone to do that!

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Originally posted here.

    Image: https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen4/23b/ID-Rexburg-Pride-protest/index.html

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