• De-Transitioned Teen Wants Justice for Way Medical Establishment Failed Her …

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    Surge Summary: Chloe Cole was a confused teenager and was rushed into transgender transitioning procedures by medical professionals. She regrets it now and wants those who failed her to be held accountable.

    by The Ruth Institute

    Chloe Cole, 19, has testified around the country, most recently at a congressional hearing, on why transitioning for minors should not be legal. She bases this on her own experience, starting at age 12.

    In this special episode of the Dr. J Show, Chloe shares her story, including why she is suing Kaiser Permanente and her former doctors.

    “A good therapist would have encouraged me to accept that these feelings [of gender dysphoria] were normal, very likely transient… and didn’t require medicalization… I wasn’t all that distressed by my gender dysphoria. I was getting through it. I was a pretty pleasant kid, but they totally perverted all of this.”

    “I was very much rushed… It was very very quick… There wasn’t a whole lot of counseling during this time. They actually knew that my psychological state was beginning to deteriorate.”

    When her parents brought this up, Chloe’s doctors told them, “Your child is going to die if you don’t do this… They said it was life or death, that they would likely either have a dead daughter or a living transgender son. And my parents were hooked after that.”

    Years later, Chloe still deals with the fallout of what was done to her body. “Most of the complications that I’m experiencing today were not listed on the forms for any of these treatments.”

    “I want to get justice because what happened to me was incredibly cruel and should not ever happen to a kid. It was medical malpractice. It was fraud. They lied to me, my mom and dad. I don’t want to live in a world where doctors did that to me and probably dozens of kids and get away with it.”

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    Image: By Staff of US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene – Protect Children’s Innocence Act and Every American Needs to Hear Chloe Cole’s Story at 0:11, cropped, brightened, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129248623

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