• HBO, Disney: Reason to Celebrate, Reason to Double Down

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    Surge Summary: Push back from viewers and parents has made a welcome difference over at HBO. More of that widespread reaction, however, is clearly needed at the Disney Corporation.

    by Kelly Oliver
    Parents Television and Media Council

    [The Parents Television and Media Council brings us good news and bad news: Reason to be encouraged that decent people’s advocacy can have and is having an impact … and a troubling reminder that more of same is necessary – Editor.]

    Good news! HBO cancelled The Idol, which the Parents Television and Media Council had warned parents about.

    TV critics described The Idol as “pornographic,” a “sordid male fantasy,” a “darker, crazier, and more risqué version” of HBO’s Euphoria.

    “We are glad HBO heeded our calls to cancel The Idol, toxic sexually explicit fare targeted to teens. The program’s extreme and disturbing content – nudity, sexual abuse, torture – can be harmful to young viewers. Despite HBO’s glamorization of the program and its cast, the show sunk into such depravity that even its audience turned against it, causing HBO to shorten its run by an episode and now, by cancelling it outright. We hope HBO has learned that marketing explicit content to teens is a losing scenario,” said Melissa Henson, vice president of the Parents Television and Media Council.

    Disney has set a course to self-destruct. There’s no other explanation.

    Disney is reportedly hiring “Dahmer” producer Ryan Murphy as soon as his $300 million development deal with Netflix ends.

    This is the same Ryan Murphy who first rose to fame with his FX series, “Nip/Tuck,” about two sexually deviant plastic surgeons. Ryan Murphy, whose “Scream Queens” featured graphic decapitations and discussions of necrophilia in the family hour. Ryan Murphy, whose dark, perverse, dominatrix-themed “American Horror Story” billboards have marred city skylines. Ryan Murphy, who insisted on explicit sex scenes and nudity for his “Hollywood” Netflix series.” It’s the same Ryan Murphy who produced the Netflix miniseries “Monster” about cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

    It doesn’t matter how strong or robust Disney’s parental controls are – the kind of content Murphy is notorious for creating does not belong on the same platform as Mickey Mouse.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Screen shot; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5trYh8m1vs&t=2s

    Kelly Oliver is PTC media representative for The Parents Television and Media Council® (www.parentstv.org®),  a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. Visit the new PTC Watchdog Blog at http://www.parentstv.org/blog/. Follow the PTC on Twitter: @ThePTC

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