• James Foley’s Parents Are an Absolute Study in Classiness

      Truly not enough has been written about the unbelievable press conference held yesterday by the parents of James Foley, the freelance journalist who was beheaded by ISIS terrorists. John and Diane Foley spoke to reporters for over a half hour outside their home in Rochester, New Hampshire. One cannot possibly fathom the pain they’re feeling …More

    • Bibi Compares ISIS to Hamas … But Team Obama Doesn’t Appreciate the Lesson

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was spot-on with his remarks that followed the murder of freelance reporter James Foley by an ISIS terrorist scumbag on video. He compared ISIS to the horrors that Israel has faced from Hamas. “Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas,” declared the Prime Minister. “They’re the enemies of peace, they’re the enemies of …More

    • Can You Guess How This Car Ended Up in This Pool?

      If you watch this brief 20-second clip, the answer to our headline question comes at the end. But if you can’t wait that long, it’s a fairly simple answer: Flip-flops. You heard me. If you’re going to get behind the wheel, make sure you have proper footwear, friendos. Especially if you happen to be 85-years …More

    • This Line of Questioning About Ferguson Tells You Everything You Need to Know About MSNBC

      There’s been a pattern at MSNBC over the past week of attempting to get viewers (and by extension, protesters) fired up over the fact that white people are in charge of the majority-black community in Ferguson, Missouri. That trend has continued non-stop throughout every block of programming, including shows hosted by Andrea Mitchell, Ronan Farrow, …More

    • Watch Obama’s Goofy State Department Get Mocked Relentlessly Over Lack of Answers on ISIS

      Well, it was Marie Harf’s turn at the State Department podium on Wednesday. I’m guessing her big sis, Jen Psaki, was busy getting ready for the Taylor Swift concert…but that’s neither here nor there. Marie was predictably hammered with questions about ISIS or ISIL or whatever we’re calling the thugs today, following Obama’s five-minute remarks about …More

    • Krauthammer On Obama’s Foley Statement: “This Is A Political Reaction To A Horrific Event”

      You can always count on Charles Krauthammer to call it like it is. And tonight on “Special Report,” that’s exactly what he did. Hours after Obama gave a lousy statement on the beheading of American journalist James Foley, his liberal allies in the press leaked a report that “U.S. special operations forces early this summer launched …More