• Hey, Remember When Obama Said This About Enacting Amnesty Last Year?

      All signs are pointing to President Obama soon bypassing Congress and unilaterally granting amnesty to possibly five million illegals (if not more). Based on what Obama’s surrogates have been telling reporters in recent days, the strategy would appear to be one that involves the extreme use of executive authority, and then blaming it all on Congress …More

    • Spitzer Swallows $147 Million in NYC Real Estate Deal, Parties in Paris

      It turns out that a lifetime of hookers and lies can really pay off! Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former governor of New York and frequent fan of calf-length black socks, closed on a gigantic real estate deal in New York this week that saw the sale of 144 midtown Manhattan rental units for $147 million …More

    • Classy: The VA Depicts Our Nation’s Veterans as “Oscar the Grouch”

      This news is so disgusting that it’s barely worth the dignity of a comment. Philly.com is reporting that the Philadelphia Department of Veterans Affairs used a training slideshow in order to instruct its employees how to “deal” with veterans at their facilities. The training guide was titled “What to Say to Oscar the Grouch – …More

    • Are You Ready for the Reality Show About Having Sex in a Box?

      Get ready, reality TV fans…because “Sex Box” is coming! I know you might have a hard time figuring out what a television show called “Sex Box” could possibly be about, so let me break it down for you: People have sex…in a box. Afterwards, they come out of the box and talk about the sex. It’s …More

    • “The Sopranos” Creator Finally Answers Whether Tony Died…Then Retracts

      SPOILER ALERT: Something happens to Tony at the very end of The Sopranos…and we still have no earthly idea what. It’s a question that has plagued Sopranos fans ever since the screen suddenly cut to black way back in 2007: What happened? Did Tony die? In the now famous scene from the final episode, Tony …More

    • Krauthammer: Obama’s Plan To Bypass Congress On Climate An “Incredibly Stupid Idea”

      That’s how the conservative syndicated columnist chose to describe the Obama administration’s decision to pursue its so-called “international climate change agreement.” The move, according to the New York Times, would require two-thirds of the Senate’s approval—which will never happen. Obama thinks he can use shame and whatever international political capital he has left to corral a caucus of nations to agree with …More