• The Disgraceful Democrats Skipping Netanyahu’s Speech

      Geopolitical perils–from the rise of a murderous Islamic Caliphate to persistent Palestinian-backed attacks from Hezbollah to a near-nuclear Iran–have compelled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress about the dangers facing our closest ally in the Middle East. The Obama administration has not supported Netanyahu’s speech, to say the least. But Obama has never really supported Israel or Netanyahu–I …More

    • Verizon Mocks Net Neutrality Vote In The BEST Way Possible

      How did one of the world’s largest telecommunications company protest the FCC’s takeover of the internet and imposition of archaic and unnecessary regulations? By blasting out a fiery statement . . . in Morse Code. Thanks to Obama, the information superhighway will now move at the speed of government, after a 3-to-2 vote held Thursday …More

    • Ted Cruz: I’m A Huge ‘House of Cards’ Fan

      If you really enjoy watching the Netflix original series House of Cards, then you have one thing in common with Texas’ rock star Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz hit the Conservative Political Action Committee stage yesterday and rocked the crowd. This weekend, Cruz is going to hit his couch and “binge” watch season three of …More

    • Phil Robertson Goes After Boehner in CPAC Speech

      Phil Robertson, the always blunt patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, had choice words for John Boehner at this year’s CPAC. And it involved dress code, out of all things. “I’ve never got around to buying a suit. Not yet. I’m 68,” Robertson told the crowd, which responded with laughter. He told the audience that he …More

    • DELUSIONAL: Eric Holder On ISIS: ‘I Think We’re Winning’

      In a new interview, outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the U.S. is winning the fight against ISIS. “I think if you look at the recent battlefield successes that we had, plans that are underway with regard to Mosul for instance, the degradation of ISIL leadership, I think we are winning,” Holder told CBS …More

    • Here’s The Most Damning Lois Lerner Email Ever

      An extremely suspicious and potentially incriminating Lois Lerner email has been uncovered, just as an IRS watchdog investigating the disappearance of Lerner’s emails testified to Congress that criminal activity could be afoot. The recently revealed email in question came directly from the internal IRS email account of Lois Lerner, the disgraced former director of the IRS’ Exempt …More