• John Sununu Schools “Dictator” Obama on The Art of The Veto

      Part of leadership is knowing when to use a carrot and when to use a stick. But according to John Sununu, President Obama has demonstrated a mastery of neither. During an appearance on America’s Newsroom today, the former New Hampshire Governor told Fox News that “there’s an art form to using the veto. You don’t …More

    • Hear the Amazing Tale of Why Johnny Depp Missed His Tokyo Press Conference

      Johnny Depp is sorry — VERY sorry — that he had to postpone a press event earlier this week in Tokyo. But he has a great excuse. The Mortdecai star admitted that he had been battling a cold, but said it wasn’t the reason for his absence. Nope, the real reason… … was the famed Chupacabra! …More

    • Howard Dean Apologizes (Sort Of) For Trashing ‘American Sniper’

      Failed presidential candidate and former DNC chairman Howard Dean came under fire over the weekend for calling the millions of people who’ve seen American Sniper, a bunch of “very angry nut job” tea party people. No critic of Dean’s words was more scathing than actor Gary Sinise. In response to Howard Dean, Gary Sinise wrote the following: I saw ‘American Sniper’ and …More

    • Great News: Obamacare Will Cost $50,000 Per Person

      It turns out that free healthcare isn’t so “free” after all. We’re talking about a price tag somewhere near $50,000 for each uninsured person who enrolls in Obamacare — courtesy of taxpayers, of course. But that’s not even the kicker. The Congressional Budget Office reported that over the next 10 years the Unaffordable Care At will clock in …More

    • The Justice Department Is Building A Database To Track Your Vehicle In Real Time

      Turns out, local and state law enforcement agencies have been compiling your personal information for years. Your privacy is apparently being violated whenever you pass a camera that can capture your license plate. And to make matters worse, the Justice Department is building a database to track your vehicle in real-time. Fox News has more: The program, …More

    • So This Happened: MSNBC Says Long Island Got Hit With “20 Feet Of Snow”

      The predictably-pathetic coverage of the snowstorm that rocked the northeast was in full force over the last couple days. The snowstorm wasn’t exactly the prelude to the apocalypse the news media made it out to be. And no coverage was worse than MSNBC’s. “New York escaped the brunt of the storm,” MSNBC host Craig Melvin informed his …More