• Watch This Israeli Spokesman Stick it to Madeleine Albright

      As a former Secretary of State, you’d think Madeleine Albright would know a thing or two about diplomacy. But…eh, who are we kidding? She’s Madeleine Albright. And during an interview with CNN this week, she declared that it looks like Israel is “overdoing it.” “It,” I would hazard to guess, refers to defending oneself against …More

    • The Partier-in-Chief Cancels on Kimmel to Focus on “More Serious Matters”

      In an effort to prove to an understandably skeptical public that he’s truly “not interested in photo ops,” Lord Barack has made the very difficult decision to cancel a planned appearance this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Oh, dread. Asked about the sudden change of heart, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest asserted, “That is, …More

    • NSFW: Guess What Snoop Did When He Was at the White House…

      If you’re not subscribing to Snoop Dogg’s YouTube channel, what’s the matter with you? It’s called GGN…short for “The Double G News Network,” of course. And breaking news it is. It’s also NSFW, so adjust your speakers accordingly. Since I’m not exactly sure whether we’re calling him a Dogg or a Lion these days, I’ll …More

    • UN Agency Gives Hamas Their Rockets Back…and Obama’s State Department Defends Them!

      Just in case your blood isn’t boiling quite enough over the Obama administration’s complete failure to side with America’s greatest ally in Israel, here’s a little something extra, guaranteed to make you want to throw something at your computer monitor. But please do keep reading. The United Nations’ Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) operates several …More

    • Amid Multiple Crises, The Fundraiser-in-Chief Kicks Off His West Coast Tour

      Just before he continued his national fundraising tour, Obama, who admitted he is “not interested in photo ops,” made a last minute stop at the Dutch Embassy. Obama visited the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Tuesday to sign its condolence book and to express sympathy for the 193 Dutch citizens who were killed in the …More

    • McCain Just Went There: “Vladimir Putin Is Literally Getting Away With Murder”

      The Arizona Republican Senator says America is basically giving Russian president Vladimir Putin “less than a slap on the wrist” for his country’s alleged role in the shot down Malaysian airliner. “The point here is that Vladimir Putin is literally getting away with murder,” a fiery McCain told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. “I mean literally, and …More