• The Taliban Reality Show: Here’s Your Proof That Terrorists Are True Morons

      A video posted by Independent Journal Review gives us a rare glimpse into the evil — and stupid — lives of Taliban fighters. My first thought upon viewing this was “what kind of a**hole embeds himself with terrorists for a TV documentary? Whoever it is should be helping us blow these bastards to smithereens.” My …More

    • Rosie O’Donnell Actually Thinks It’s “Brilliant” To Tie Canada Terror Attack To Gun Violence In America

      On Thursday’s edition of The View, 9/11 truther and co-host Rosie O’Donnell actually agreed with the idea that yesterday’s terrorist attack in Canada directly correlates with American gun crimes. “I get it, but 86 people a day are killed in America with guns. And you know what? That is terrorism here,” said O’Donnell. Attempting to introduce intellect …More

    • Paralyzed People Are Walking Again Thanks To Some Amazing New Technology

      You probably know someone or you’re perhaps related to a paralyzed person. At any given moment, we are all just one freak accident away from losing the use of our limbs. But thanks to the dedication of a handful of brilliant researchers, paralyzation may no longer be a terrible, life-altering condition. There are a committed few …More

    • Bill Clinton Says He Feels Used: Like An “Old Racehorse” Dems “Drag Out” To Win Close Races

      This is irony of all ironies. It’s ironic because Bill Clinton is the king of exploitation. Women have been coming forward for decades and laying one sexual assault accusation after another at the feet of Bill Clinton. We needn’t look any further than Monica Lowiskin’s latest attention binge for proof of Bill’s abuse. Bill Clinton knows a …More

    • Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel: ISIS Not A Direct Threat To U.S. Security; New FBI Report Says Otherwise

      One day after an ISIS-inspired terrorist attacked Canada’s Parliament, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) went on national TV and said ISIS is not a direct threat to the United States’ national security. In response to a question about the Islamic State’s conquering of Kobani, Syria, and its attacks in Baghdad’s Green Zone, Rangel said “I don’t see where …More

    • Terror in Ottawa: The ISIS Dream is Realized

      Major kudos to Christopher Dickey here. Despite being the foreign editor for the left-leaning Daily Beast and delivering this assessment on none other than MSNBC, he explained in just one minute why it’s essentially irrelevant whether the terror attack up in Canada was officially sanctioned by ISIS or not: it was a direct reaction to what’s …More