• Lord Barry: I Totally Want to Work With Republicans, Honest!

      President Obama is about to embark on a very important mission. That mission? Sunning himself for 17 long days in Honolulu! But before he gets going on his millionth vacation and says “Aloha,” Barack needs to address some lingering business. And he did so today in the form of his final news conference of 2014…which, …More

    • Chris Rock: Don’t Worry, Guys! My New Movie is Totally ‘Korean-Friendly’

      Remember when comedian Chris Rock built a career on NOT being politically correct? Yeah, those days appear to be over. During a press junket for his new movie, “Top Five,” the actor went out of his way to proclaim that the film is “Korean-friendly.” “If you’re Korean, go out and see ‘Top Five.’ You will …More

    • Giuliani: Hollywood Now Has ‘Al Sharpton as the Jury and North Korea as the Censor’

      Between Al Sharpton and Kim Jong-Un, Tinseltown has a whole new frontier of headaches to tackle, according to the former mayor of Gotham. Yesterday, the Reverend Al proclaimed that he plans to lead a charge to break up the “all-white hierarchy” in Hollywood, which he said “resembles 1950’s America.” He claimed that the “jury” is still out …More

    • Jose Diaz-Balart Commands You to Stop Being “Ethnocentric” About This Cuba Thing

      “It’s always about the Americans and what the Americans do,” lamented MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart today. He’s extremely concerned that U.S. citizens have become too self-centered in their views toward the dictatorial regime in Cuba. Imagine that. “One of the things I often think about is, are we all being a little ethnocentric about our views?” he posited to …More

    • Brace Yourself For A Castro White House Visit

      At a press briefing Thursday afternoon, White House press secretary Josh Earnest flat out refused to count out the possibility of a visit by Cuban dictator Raúl Castro to the White House. Earnest contended that heads of state from other countries with dubious human rights records regularly meet with Obama. Earnest’s cryptic comments came after Wednesday’s surprise announcement that …More

    • GOP Senator Mark Kirk Vows To Screen “The Interview” At His Fundraisers

      There has been much rancor in the wake of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s announcement yesterday that it will cancel the Christmas day premier of The Interview, an anti-North Korean comedy directed by and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, because of fears that terrorists might attack theaters around the country for showing the film. However, Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk may have …More