• Jay Carney Admits: Obama’s Immigration Amnesty Is Exactly What He Once Called Unconstitutional

      Last night former White House spokesdouche Jay Carney did the unthinkable and admitted that Barack Obama’s announcement to single-handedly delay deportations and to grant work permits to illegal immigrants, was a direct contradiction his own repeatedly declarations. “Other than his frustration, what has changed?” CNN host Anderson Cooper asked. “I mean, he’s a constitution scholar. What has changed …More

    • Krauthammer: Obama Just Called Legal Immigrants “Chumps”

      Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer brought the hammer down on Obama’s executive order. Krauthammer said Obama’s promise to delay deportations of those who’ve been living in the U.S. for more than five years, was a spit in the face to legal immigrants who are nothing more than “chumps” because they followed immigration law. “I think …More

    • Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Obama’s Executive Amnesty

      Tonight, Obama addressed the nation and illegally announced his long-promised executive amnesty. Obama promised that if you’ve been living in America for more than five years or have children who were born in the U.S., you can remain in the country so long as you pass a background check and pay your “fair share of taxes.” However, …More

    • Hardheaded Obama Rewards Law Breakers With Immigration Amnesty

      President Amnesty opened his primetime address on immigration tonight by saying we should not be “trapped by our past” but be “able to remake ourselves.” That’s ironic considering the fact that Obama has spent years building the case against the very same executive action he is about to take. Tonight Obama said certain illegal immigrants will …More

    • White House on Executive Amnesty: Obama is Just Doing What Reagan and Bush Did

      The Obama administration insists that there’s nothing to be concerned about with regard to the president’s upcoming announcement on executive amnesty. After all, they say, he’s following the lead of Republican presidents. “The president does have significant authority and this is authority that’s invested in the executive branch of the United States,” said White House …More

    • Fancy Nancy Pelosi: Didn’t You Know Amnesty is Just Like the Emancipation Proclamation?

      The Democrat leader in the U.S. House of Representatives made one of her party’s favorite analogies during a press conference in advance of President Obama’s big announcement on illegal immigration. “Does the public know that the Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order?” Pelosi pondered. Comgressman James Clyburn made a similar remark earlier this week. “Remember, …More

    • Shocker: Man Who Unearthed Gruber Videos Was Completely Ignored By Mainstream Media

      When Philadelphia investment adviser Rich Weinstein came across Jonathan Gruber’s now infamous Obamacare remarks for the first time, he promptly alerted the mainstream media…but most news outlets didn’t care. Weinstein isn’t interested in any personal fame or glory, but he certainly wanted the public to be aware before the 2014 midterms that one of the …More