• The Cost Of Going Green: EPA Regs To Increase Gas And Electric Bills In This State By $880

      By 2020, the average annual household gas and electric bill in Vermont will increase by more than $880, thanks to the Obama administration’s proposal to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants. A study released Thursday by Energy Ventures Analysis, a Virginia-based consulting firm, finds that EPA regulations will spike power and gas costs …More

    • WE WANT MORE: Illegal Immigration Activist Heckles Obama During Post-Amnesty Rally

      Not 24-hours after announcing to the nation that he would be sidestepping Congress and unilaterally granting temporary citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants, did Obama get heckled by an immigration activists who doesn’t think the president went far enough. In front of a roaring crowd at a local Las Vegas high school, Obama’s amnesty victory lap was …More

    • Jay Carney Admits: Obama’s Immigration Amnesty Is Exactly What He Once Called Unconstitutional

      Last night former White House spokesdouche Jay Carney did the unthinkable and admitted that Barack Obama’s announcement to single-handedly delay deportations and to grant work permits to illegal immigrants, was a direct contradiction his own repeatedly declarations. “Other than his frustration, what has changed?” CNN host Anderson Cooper asked. “I mean, he’s a constitution scholar. What has changed …More

    • Jimmy Carter: McCain Doesn’t Like Me? Well, He’s a War-Monger

      Senator John McCain (R-AZ) may not be a huge fan of former President Jimmy Carter…but the peanut farmer could care less. McCain has said frequently in recent months that President Obama is “even worse” than Jimmy Carter when it comes to foreign policy. But Carter views such criticism as a badge of honor. “That’s a …More

    • Chuck Todd Insists Americans Actually Like This Amnesty Thing

      America may not like how he went about it, but they like Obama’s plan for amnesty…at least according to Chuck Todd. On multiple MSNBC programs today, the Meet the Press host asserted that “The policy itself isn’t that unpopular.” Todd said that “What he announced isn’t something that is offensive to the American people. What they …More

    • Newt Blasts Amnesty Speech: Was That Obama…or Jonathan Gruber?

      Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich isn’t too pleased on the heels of President Obama’s executive amnesty announcement. In fact, Newt says it was filled with enough lies to impress Jonathan Gruber. “This was a Gruber speech. This is vastly more than prosecutorial,” said Gingrich. “I mean, he’s simply not telling the country the truth … they’re …More