• Miscalculation, Thy Name is Obama

      How many things does the Obama administration have to “underestimate” or “miscalculate” before they finally realize that they’re just not that good at making calculations? In one way or another, Team Obama has miscalculated all of the following: The threat from Iran The threat from Russia The threat from Syria The threat from Libya The …More

    • Which U.S. Senator Just Called the UN a Bunch of Anti-Semites?

      And the answer to the lede is…Lindsey Graham! It took a while, but at least someone finally said it: the United Nations’ anti-Israel activities are really starting to get out of hand. “The U.N. Human Rights report is a joke. The U.N. is becoming anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic. I would push back,” said Senator Graham of the vote by the …More

    • Palestinian Journalist: How Dare MSNBC Call Me a Palestinian Journalist?

      Alright, I think we’ve seen enough appearances by Rula Jebreal at this point to conclude that the woman is absolutely batty, if not simply a prima donna. I don’t know whether she’s in denial or just self-loathing, but the fact that she’s too ashamed to admit that she’s a Palestinian journalist is telling. While I agree …More

    • YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Florida Schools Get Ready For Border Kids

      With more than 51,000 unaccompanied Central American children already here, and more expected to come, school officials ask the federal government for a helping hand. Border kids costs more to educate, about $1,900 per head. Teachers must be bilingual. The students will need health care and psychological services because many arrive sick and traumatized by …More

    • Fox News’ Tantaros Rips Obama: “Stick To Beer Summits And Birth Control”

      Fox News’ “The Five” co-host Andrea Tantaros offered Barry some brutally painful advice on Friday’s show. Tantaros suggested that Obama should simply stop trying to protect America’s interests around the world. “Stick to beer summits and birth control,” she said, or risk “stumbling into another war.” Tantaros’ harsh message came just after her co-host Greg Gutfeld blasted Obama …More

    • Watch Rep. Gutiérrez Explain How Obama “Can Get 3 or 4, Maybe Even 5 Million People” Amnesty

      In an interview on MSNBC Friday, Representative Luis Gutiérrez said he believes Obama has the legal authority to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. Gutiérrez said he is scheduled to meet with Obama White House officials “to negotiate additional terms and avenues the president can use” through executive action. “Let me just say in about an hour, I’m …More