• Jay Carney Blames Bush For Obama’s New War Against ISIS

      CNN’s newest Obama apologist and former White House spokesman Jay Carney said the president is in a new war against ISIS because America invaded Iraq 10 years ago. Responding to S.E. Cupp’s claim that Obama has “boxed himself in” by  taking things off the table,” Carney said “In many ways we are here today because of …More

    • Pelosi Won’t Say We Are At War With ISIS But Says “There Is A War On Women”

      In a recent interview on MSNBC, Ronan Farrow asked Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), “Madam Leader, are we at war” with ISIS? “Well they, uh, you know, people use the term. We have the war on drugs and the war on this and the war on that,” Pelosi responded. “Uh, the, we are, we have initiated hostilities against …More

    • New CBS Poll Shows Obama’s Approval On Terrorism At All-Time Low

      On the same day that Congress voted in favor of Obama’s plan to arm and train Syrian rebels to combat ISIS, a brand new poll revealed that the American public believes Obama is being too soft on terrorists. The new CBS News/New York Times poll was released exactly one week after Obama’s emotionless primetime speech to the nation, where …More

    • Watch This Dem Senator Grill John Kerry Over Congressional Authorization For War In Iraq

      Secretary of State John Kerry went before Congress today to seek support and funding for President Obama’s military strategy against the radical extremists of ISIS. Kerry probably didn’t expect it, but he received fierce pushback from New Jersey’s Democratic Senator and Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez. Menendez expressed concerns that if the military campaign against …More

    • These 7 Words From Jimmy Carter About ISIS Will Probably Shock You

      “I think we need to attack ISIS,” said…Jimmy Carter?!? That’s right; the former president and full-time isolationist has actually taken a stance against the terrorist thugs threatening our very future. “Is the bombing of ISIS justified? I say yes,” Carter proclaimed at a forum hosted by his Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Interestingly, the last time we …More

    • Want to Audition for The Marijuana Reality Show?

      “Shark Tank meets The Apprentice.” That’s how Wendy Robbins, the creator of The Marijuana Show is describing her new web-based reality program. For some reason, she failed to include the whole cannabis thing in her quick spiel. At any rate, The Marijuana Show is exactly what you think it is: a group of entrepreneurs will …More