• OOPS: Obama Admits Voter ID Laws Don’t Stop Blacks From Voting

      Democrats have been scaring black people into voting for them for decades. Fifty years ago, Democrats threatened black people and promised reprisal if they didn’t vote donkey. Hell, in the last three days Democrats have gone from frantically admitting that without the black vote they’re toast to putting out flyers with lynching imagery (it should …More

    • Axelrod To Dems: You’ll Be “Tarred” With ObamaCare, So Shut Up And “Embrace” It

      A couple of weeks ago Obama said “I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” And in recent days Democrats running for election or reelection in tight races have been fuming over those comments. Republican …More

    • ANOTHER Dem Admits That Obamacare Raised Her Insurance Rates

      It is officially the political silly season. It’s usually the Republican candidates that can’t stop shoving their own feet in their mouths on the campaign trail. You know the names. But the 2014 election season has produced a litany of Democratic candidates who’ve made one forced error after another. This time, it’s Democratic Senate candidate …More

    • Watch Soldier Surprise His Sobbing Daughter After 10 Month Tour

      Every once in a while we are treated with access to that tear-jerking moment when a soldier returns home and surprises a loved one. Last month we told you about 3-year-old Cooper who ignored military protocol and jumped into his mother’s arms during her welcome home ceremony. Now, it’s a North Carolina mom named Meg Kaplan …More

    • Check Out the Early Christmas Gifts We Just Delivered to ISIS

      If this doesn’t infuriate you beyond all belief about Operation: Inherent Resolve, nothing will. We’ve now learned that our inherent resolve…is to hand-deliver weapons to our enemy. That’s right; we’ve just air-dropped boxes upon boxes of weapons into Kobani, intended to help the Kurds. Instead, ISIS found those weapons and posted the video of their …More

    • Listen to Obama Drag His Fellow Democrats Kicking and Screaming Into Defeat…Again

      If you’re a Democrat listening to this interview President Obama granted to the Reverend Al Sharpton, odds are pretty good that you’re either: a) throwing a blunt object b) shouting a string of profanities c) both of the above Despite even the president’s most trusted former adviser David Axelrod admitting that it was a mistake …More